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August 15, 2013


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AN EMPTY BID FOR ACCEPTANCE; our 'Stalking Horse' for the Presidency has announced another empty effort. He claims to be on the verge of 2007-08 Financial Misbehavior Prosecutions. When asked about this at a Press Conference; former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair merely said;"you are aware of the 5 year Statute of Limitations." She wrote it off at a Press Conference as merely a yielding to political pressure. Could anything be more White House directed than that ?

THE 'LEFT' WILL BE LOOKING TO REPEAT '2008'. This week's BLOG catalogs an impregnable list of problems for Hillary Clinton. I believe a 'Stalking Horse'is being prepped to duplicate '2008'. Just ask yourself; who resembles Obama the most in :integrity (or lack thereof), agenda ,and physical appearance. Who also has gone on 'tour' wrather than perform his duties; appealing to the racism in the organizations he addresses. That could well be the 'Left's' Candidate.

Hillary? Likely to get an early jump on the competition and a LOT of help from Bill. But, she and Biden will have to take reponsibility for and credit for whatever Obama did. They both were central figures in the play. Republicans will have to come up with a candidate who can look to counter Obama's record, pull the Tea Party in to support them, draw some Latino support, draw some women votes and appeal strongly to the independents. In the end the economy will likely be the issue followed by Obamacare and energy policies. Hillary looks old and worn out. Pictures of her a Secretary of State will not flatter her. Benghazi will wear her out as well. But, if the country sees her as a suragate for Bill she could win. If the econmy rebounds then she also will benefit.

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