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August 22, 2013


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Our underlying questions appear to be (1) who had the Sarin gas, and (2) who deployed it? No (rational) person doubts that Saddam Husein used it against Iran, then the Kurds, then the Shia in Basra. But, (remaining?) stocks were no where to be found when we invaded--MSM and Progressives, with loud screams of "Lier", claimed that it never existed while ignoring persuasive evidence that Saddam had in fact used it repeatedly.

I have not heard anyone in the Administration (or MSM) claim that the Syrian government suddenly developed the capacity to make and deploy Sarin gas. So, where did it come from? There are a number of possiblities. It would seem that the Obama administration needs to fill in the blanks left in Kerry's profound declarations before launching a few missiles at Hassad's residences. It is easy to demonize, much more difficult to govern. And, where are those who condemned President Bush for "unilateral" action?

Unfortunately, arrogance and lack of experience has put our President in a very difficult position. These comments merely reinforce Bill Bowen's position that history tells us it is difficult for those in power to correctly assess the state of events when they are called upon to act (or not).

BREATHTAKING,ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE SYRIAN. The other breathtaking event will be if the CIA or MOSAD can make the connection between expired nerve gas canisters in Syria; with those most probably removed from Iraq's stockpile in 2002-03. This investigation,hopefully,will not be as lengthy as Benghazi. Neither the IRS nor The State Dept or Traesury coud possibly be involved

84,000,000 PEOPLE IN EGYPT; never thought about it, but it certainly seems the 'center of gravity' of the Mid East. Certainly no 'Mediterranean Oil Depot'. You would have thought our Leader might have raised a bit of a 'fuss' when a notorious group like the 'Brotherhood' was taking it over. It was never made known by our MEDIA,either, until recently; 'The Brotherhood' had, in fact, been responsible for Anwar Sadat's assasination.

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