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August 29, 2013


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"TO HITHER OR TO DITHER"; who knows ? But in any event,a VOTE should be preceded with FORMAL APOLOGIES to the previous Administration by the present one. Also they should be made to the casualties taken while eliminating Hussein and his attrocities. Most assuredly,a formal apology is due by John Kerry to all RVN Vets for the accusations he made in 1971. His later admission of falsehood was not enough. Truth be told; the DOUBTS are centered on our Leadership not the MISSION.

SYRIA BRINGS OUT UNLIKELY WARRIORS--Secretary Kerry, the Vietnam soulmate of Jane Fonda, now spends his time on Capital Hill pleading for support for a strike on Syria while at the same time seeming unable to answer what the objective of the strike is. His General asked to comment declined to do so. Kerry for all his dovish past seems now to be stuck in a game of once again contrasting his "evidence" against that of warrior turned dove General Colin Powell's justification of the war in Iraq. Once again the subject of the evidence: chemical weapons or WMDs. Perhaps the same chemcical weapons used by Iraq and Iran gainst each other and then shipped to Syria under intense pressure from UN inspectors and US military threats. Ironic isn't it that once again under pressure to keep the President's pledge to act, Kerry continuously refers to his evidence as verified versus the "invented" evidence of the Bush administration. And, in one of his seemingly deserate challenges to the US Congress to support the President Kerry basically gave as his reasoning: the world is watching to see if we will support our President. A strange sight to see a Vietnam dove supporting a man who ran as a person who would bring together the free world. A man who spent much of his time trying to convince our enemies that we were their friend. A man who now spends much of his time with his Generals and Intelligence analysts planning stikes to defend ourselves from our enemies. And, yet at the same time he oversees the dismantling of the very forces that keep us safe. I have seen none of those friends he tried to make line up to join in. Or, those enemies to have slowed their march to nuclear weapons or discontinued their acts of terror. Is it any wonder no one knows what our policies are at home or abroad?

HILLARY CLINTON was first to pronounce ASSAD our model reformist leader in the Middle East. Only months later she was announcing to the world he must go. The President, now famous for his lines in the sand that move with the blowing winds in Iran, has spent the last 4 weeks trying to define his new set of lines in the sand in Syria as the political debate comes from the likes of Russia, the UN, the British Parliament, the ARAB league, US Congress ,etc. Day after day we watch the shifting sands as he promises some sort of military response to the use of Chemical weapons quickly followed by another delay speech. Now we give it to the US Congress.

All of the above reasoning that Bill points out are true and will remain true for another 1000 years in the Middle East as religious wars rarely end. However, the US credibility for keeping it's word has fallen once again to a point where our allies and our enemies alike commonly take opposing positions with us. The President and his historically weak Secretary of states should not say what they do not intend to back up. Either ASSAD is a war crimes criminal and should be eliminated or chemical gassing of your people is ok and we should just keep our threats to ourselves.

I think there is an historical parallel for the Middle East - the Balkans of 100 years ago. Arbitrary political borders had been established in an area of strong ethnic and religious identity. Almost no one was content to be hemmed in and defined in that way. Coupled with outsiders (Germany, France, England, others) meddling and jostling for influence, the area became the starting point for WWI. It has taken 100 years, two World Wars, several smaller wars and hundreds of millions of deaths for the peace and stability that exists today.

In the middle east the situation is similar today. Almost no ethnic group is content with their borders. Kurds, Sunnis, Shia, Israelis, others all want their own space created by their own definitions and run by their own choices.

We should know by now that we (the West) can not fix this for them. We have very little influence or power. Nor does any one else. They will have to do this for themselves. Perhaps we can work around the edges. Perhaps the death toll can be held down. We should put our resources into humanitarian effort, but this is not our business.

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