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September 26, 2013


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DULY PASSED LAW; how many Constitutional INFRINGEMENTS do you suppose might have been committed during the PROCESSING of the ACA-'Alinsky Care Access' Law ?

Do any of you care that a duly passed law (confirmed by The Supreme Court) may be overturned by a minority in one political party through extortion? If this should happen, then any group with a bit of leverage could alter/repeal ANY law even though that law be passed by congress.

That result would be a travesty of the American system and threatens our entire system of governance. This is profoundly not a CONSERVATIVE position. It proposes a new way to conduct our nation's business. Our current form of government would be profoundly altered and we (all of us) would have to come up with a new system of governance. The American experiment would be over.

WILL 'HARRY' THROW 'BARRY' UNDER THE BUS ? Harry Reid's bigger fear,the true proportion of Essential vs Non Essential government. It's coming into the public's focus..What action will a true 'Allinskyite' take ?

SEN CRUZ ON LIMBAUGH; Another case of 'what you suspected' about the majority of Republican
Congressmen is true. Cruz said it on national radio. -quote- "They (Republicans)
have been beaten down and have been there too long; they don't think they can
win". "They don't even talk about how to win". "All they talk about at lunch is
comming up with a 'SHOW PONY' legislative move to fake out their constituents."
"There is little or no leadership". "It's all 'go along and get along' ". -end
quote (+or- a few words).
I know it's no schock but when they admit it; it's bad, real bad. They've
surrendered The Country to the 'Allinsky-ites'. When we hear, "let your
Congressmen know about it".;we've got to do it. He says they respond to that. It
scares them into action;including many Democrats who's support for 'O'Care is
very thin.
Thank God we had men of more stearner stuff at Lexington, Trenton,New Orleans,The Ardennes, Normandy, Guadalcanal, Midway,Okinawa,The Bulge, In Chon, Chosin,Con Thien,Hue,Fellujah,Afghanistan.

IT'S CALLED "TORTLESS REFORM" AND IT WORKS. The experiment was conducted with malpractice costs years ago for Anesthesiologists. The "Admitted Fault" approach was documented by Gibson & Singh in their 2012 Book 'The Battle With Healthcare Reform'. The solution proved to be a simple admission by the hospital and physician to the patient. Having assumed responsibility, a solution at no cost to the patient and a retirement of the entire Hospital Bill is carried out.
The result was a 2/3 reduction in malpractice costs and premiums (and NO TORT).
The Obama 'Allinskees' turned away from this 'COST DRIVER' as they did all others of any significance. WHY ? 'The Trial Lawyers Association' rejected "The Admitted Fault" approach. Large Hospital Networks, and Pharmaceuticals that represented $20,000,000. size campaign donors,also turned 'The Allinskees' up an 'allyway'.
Because making campaign financial pursuit the almighty priority; the one primary 'healthcare problem'(COST) haunting us all was cast into the obscurity of a 2700 page debaucle. The potential cost of this 'Signature Legislation'-CALAMITY. Any more ideas Saul ?

TWO ASSUMPTIONS WHICH SHOULD NOT BE MADE;(1)That the 'Medical Industrial Complex',as we know it,is reversible to it's former status ;should 'Obamacare' implode. (2) That re-organized business models, having adjusted employee levels to avoid 'Obamacare'mandates, will recover after a time to their former hiring levels.

THE REPUBLICANS NEED TO GET INTO THE FIGHT, NOW. The hope of future calamity befalling these Socialist zealots are not likely. As any bad news arises , 'bond printing' could accellerate at an unimagined rate. No doubt these folks would calapse the entire economy wrather than have 'Obamacare' implode. Lawlessness and unbridled waste has been demonstrated for the past 5 years. SHUT IT DOWN NOW, while you have some semblance of CONTROL and the last workable opportunity at forcing responsible action. When in History have the Republicans had Business and The Unions backing them up ? If they can't pull it off now; disband the Party or surrender all Leadership positions to the Tea Party. It's OVER !

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