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September 12, 2013


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JOBS FOLLOW UP---DC Mayor vetoes the $15 minimum wage demand on Walmart and the city council upholds it. Finally a ray of sanity in the city.

INTENT TO ENFORCE--is not a thought that the President seems to possess, Bill. As a poker player his ability to bluff would be lost in a history of folds when raised. Iran,Russia,China,Pakistan,Assad,Libya terrorists and North Korea continually push him into drawing verbal red lines (former lines in the sand) only to watch him fold. I give him credit for the willingness to use drones to enforce our war on (terror)radicals.And, an occasional rescue operation with Seals. But, as for the international scene his ability to gain credibility with allies, enemies and uncommitted seems to have waned with his weak Secretary's of State and his own diplomatic grand standing. His unilateral disarmament and his weak economy give few reason to believe any longer and it is showing.
Tomorrow his lame duck Fed Chairman publically fired on TV will likely announce the beginning of the end of a failed economic stimulus policy with Taipering far short of the 6.5% unemployment target originally stated. In the last year 1,000,000 jobs created and of those 750,000 were part time. This is the man who promised to focus on those high paying middle class jobs to be created by his new alternatie energy program. In 6 years how many full time jobs have been created in the alternative energy field? At the same time the industry he loathes oil and gas has ignored his regulations and boomed bringing the trade deficit down, creating prosperity in 12 or more states and creating thousands of $120,000+ a year full time jobs. Take those away from the stats and you have left Obama's jobs: 750,000 part time low income jobs, His latest initiative? Raise the minimum wage so Walmart and McDonald's employees can earn a better living. Do we miss Mitt Romney yet?

For starters, I would have preferred a plan that could be explained to the American people. There was a range of options that could have made sense; at the 11th hour it is difficult to develop an objective and a plan, then have any confidence that the administration can implement it. Initially, I would have liked to have Obama follow through on his claim that Assad had to go by working with our major allies in the region to develop the Syrian Liberation Army into a force which could have taken over. After two years of radicals joining the fray and the Iranians and the Russians bolstering Assad, all that may be left is to skulk away without talking about red lines that we have no intent to enforce.

AND WHO IS BEING PLAYED IN THIS GAME? Intelligence sources say that Assad's military is now dispersing the Chemical weapons to 50 different sites in SYria. SO, did PUTIN play the delay card for ASSAD with the turn in your weapons play at the expense of OBAMA? Or, did Assad play PUTIN and OBAMA's chess game at the expense of both? Needless to say if the weapons are truly dispersed then the game of controlling them will be much more difficult to play and the the probablilty of a US strike virtually gone. At the same time the rebels lose as the US now must be very careful in supporting the rebels as access to chemical weapons is now more likely to fall in the hads of the rebels whoever they may represent if we empoer them with too much support. Alas, perhaps Assad will be our new partner in keeping Chemical weapons from Al Queda. Political chess is an intriguing game is it not? The game goes on.

And what would you have preferred? Clearly the Middle East is a quagmire for all who go there. We have no pressing national interest.

Let Putin have his moment. This is not a zero sum game. Now the world will press Russia to talk Assad down. If that can be done then perhaps Iran, with their new leadership, will be amenable to a trade of nukes for relief from sanctions.

All that is ahead and it all may fall apart. But if you take away the blinders of American politics, the world may be in a much better place in a year or two.

THAT ONE 'RAY OF OPTIMISM'/ Certainly the Country that could survive 5 rudderless years might even be termed "EXCEPTIONAL"; despite Mr Obama's objections.

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