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September 05, 2013


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THE DOMOCRATIC MACHINE IS A MIRACLE. They have imposed approx. a 10% TAXFLATION on us by Ben , "the money isn't getting out into the economy",Bernanke. We don't even feel it. The 'Toxic Assets' keep disappearing from Investment Banks' ledgers and 'miracle of miracles' Govm't Bonds appear in their place. Better than that; the Bonds can be used as liquid assets to leverage out 30-1 loans to the MARKET. The best part - no political donors go to JAIL. Statute of limitations is 5 years. HALLELUIA, HALLELUIA
After his resignation Mr Bernanke will go on to 'lay hands' upon the deaf mute and the blind. That's us .

So, now "Syria" will slip into Yesterday's News and Obama/Putin will share a Nobel Peace Award. If anyone asks later, it will be as Hillary declared on Bengazi, "What does it matter?". And, realistically, maybe it is a "Good Thing" that Obama can slip off the hook and avoid another entrapment in the Mid East geopolitical swamp.

The Media will swiftly shift gears into demonizing Republicans again for attempts to defund "Obamacare" and efforts to trim Federal spending. "Syria" never happened, just like Bengazi, guns to Mexican drug cartels, etc. etc., etc. Got to admire the Democratic Machine for how it "manages" events.

Al B.

Jeb Bush Awards Hillary Clinton the 'Liberty Medal' on Eve of Benghazi Anniversary!

People actually listening to what Putin has to say?
The endless deception on Benghazi.
The Attorney General announcing that "He's going to hold Wall Street accountable" but fails to announce that the statute of limitations has run out protecting them from prosecution.
Everything is upside down. I realize through Mr.Obama's ego/narcissism, obvious lack of knowledge of American history and a colossal failure at mathematics, that he has made himself, and his administration, easy targets for ridicule!
So I now await the 'clown car' to arrive outside the White House at 4:15 on Friday afternoon where Mr. Obama will exit the vehicle and declare a 'tiny' war on Syria!

SEN. JAMES INHOF , MON SEP 9th,SENATE FLOOR SPEECH.. Did I just hear what I saw this guy say ? quote "The Assistant to the Joint Chief's Chairman; 2nd highest ranking Admiral in the US Navy;told me that due to the Obama Administration's degradation of the armed forces, it would be IMMORAL to conduct an Offensive Action." end quote My ears are still ringing a day later.

PUTIN TO KERRY-OBAMA: "Checkmate!" Putin takes the lead in the world as peace maker and at the same time saves his puppet leader in Syria from US attack. I kind of liked the comment this morning from one business analyst: Now murder is legal if you simply acknowledge you have the gun and turn it in! Putin has put together the peacemaking group of Russia,Iran and China to implement the Kerry idea (or was it given to him by Putin?) that Assad can avert attack by simply turning in the chemical weapons to the Russian,Iran,China TRIAD. And, today the Democratic Congressional leaders and Kerry rushed to assure the world that it was the President's CREDIBLE threat of military force that made it all possible. Amazing how the chess game was played and PUTIN once again won the day. Pretty soon the Iran,North Korea,China,Russian stooges will be rebuilding the IRON CURTAIN.

WHO'D A THOUGHT; PUTIN, a PROBLEM SOLVER ? Can we get him to sit down with Obama's Treasury Secretary on the DEBT CRISIS ? Even if it's just a LOAN. He is a student of Joseph Stalin. They are all on the same page.

THE STRENGTH OF THE SUNNI/SHIITE REPULSION, as a Strategic Factor,in the overall Mid East situation is a first for me. Hours and hours of news and Committee coverage,that I've heard,never presented this as primary. I suppose to have done so, might have revealed the lack of real "Calculus" from the WH. The tragedy of abandonement in IRAQ seems more stark.
Perhaps, had Susan Rice's Sunday 'INFO TOURS' been concerned with a UN occupation in Iraq. Another "Calculus" (Video) was being made at the time,however.

AND SO IT GOES FOR THE ECONOMY--worried about the end of FED intervention in our markets? Once again a weak jobs number confuses employers and investors alike on when the Fed will begin to end their frustrating money printing. Alas, we hear the calls of significant economic progress while we watch millions of Americans move to part time jobs to allow the implementation of Obama care. We watch millions of Americans line up for food stamps. We watch millions of Americans remain unemployed. We watch the Fortune 1000 struggle to maintain their EPS with little top line revenue growth. Ask anyone in the Executive Search business if the economy is strong and you will find the truth--it is weak and getting weaker. 10,000 Baby Boomers a day retire and yet no one hires. Higher taxes, more regulation and skyrocketing healthcare costs produce a lack of confidence in management. A President with little to no idea of what to do to change things albeit he does know how to protect the poor leaves us waiting for progress. But, progress does not come from money printing by the Fed. A Congress unable to act on anything except blocking is now faced with the debt ceiling crisis and sequestration and is unlikely to do more than kick the can down the road after a squabble. Entitlements remain unaddressed. Tax reform a simple political ploy. Immigration reform--on hold? Syria to the front!! Meanwhile after a polite handshake and smile with Putin last night on the news the Russian KGB leader stepped to the podium and lashed out at Sec. Kerry calling him a liar. Those campaign speeches of 2008 have become nightmares for the 20 million Americans unemployed and moving to part time.

I haven't watched because it's all just such B/S! an elaborate Obama/Jarrett created distraction for Obama Care to slide in and a money grab before a Govt.shutdown.
It's like Obama said initially "I can do this by "executive order"( like he's done everything from day one) but want Congress's impute before I make "MY" decision!"
Even Dempsey, the biggest sellout in American history, said he had no plan and wouldn't comment when asked. It does nothing! Muslims killing Muslims! WTF!!! It's perfect for us.
He never stopped Iran from building Nukes. Why stop a bunch of Muslims have chemical weapons of mass destruction. Dempsey knows how screwed we are already!
It's all about distraction on healthcare, jobs, and fiscal responsibility.
Bottom line he wants 4 trillion more!

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