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September 19, 2013


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MORE THAN SPECULATION; rapidly all became fact as events unraveled and the mood evidenced with rhetoric surrounding the Budget 'CR' bubbled over. When EFFORTS to tramp down catastrophies due to Government excesses are adressed as "EXTORTION"; it's truly the Country against the Administration.
The main 'credibility gap' the Republicans retain are their 'ceding' of environmental and social issues as priorities. This recent attempt at cleaning up the 'Food Stamp' excesses is really a huge'PLUS';aside of Rep. Lewis' comments to the contrary. He already demonstrated his shortsidedness in '97 on the highly succesful 'Welfare Overhaul'. Then again, he's also lapsed into forgetfullness on which Party ,at great expenditure of Political Capital, brought the Country the Integration of Little Rock Central High School in '57. Even the great "Black President", JFK, expressed in the '60 Campaign ;"Eisenhower's actions may have been somewhat excessive in Little Rock". (we don't see that too often on news clips,do we?)

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