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October 10, 2013


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"THAT SHINING CITY" IN A 'DITCH'; Can anyone explain why the obvious
isn't ? MSNBC tried to explain that 'Liberalism' was similar to flying in a fog and yet, instinctively knowing the plane's 'correct attitude'. Only the proper 'mindset' was necessary. Republicans,'on the other hand', seem determined to entrust our safety to a more reliable instrument,the GYROSCOPE; sometimes known as a BUDGET.

Maybe we should just be glad that the nation stores 12% of it's Democrats in one state. Or I guess if California is about 80% Democratic that we store about 21% of them there--with you.

A reminder of Ju 6 '44 all right. Patriots kept comming thru all that carnage ; and they weren't going to be DENIED. Not if 100,000 had to die on that Beach (9,000 from both sides did); they were going over those 'Implacements'. That's what the fear of TOTALITARIANISM will inspire. We have $173,000/yr politicians who will surrender if Harry , Barry, or some lobbyist with a campaign donation, raises an objection. People of 'sterner stuff' got us this far; but I'm afraid not much further if we don't RISE UP . Each of us to our own ability and inspired action but RISE UP or 237 years are over. Marxists are not at the door. They are IN THE HOUSE. RISE UP ! They have arrived thru duplicity and deception and laid illegitemate laws and executive orders down on an unsuspecting Nation. RISE UP ! Go to that DEMONSTRATION. Get to that TOWNHALL. Inspire your neighbor to ACTION. The ONE on THE 'RIGHT' and The ONE on THE 'LEFT'. RISE UP !

'SEIU' AND 'TEA PARTY' SIMULTANEOUS INCLUSION; now that is definitely 'outside the box' thinking bringing many 'inside the box' . Timing couldn't have been more perfect. The wayward destructive zealotry of the 'Left' is finally becoming apparent to the 'Left'. BRAVO, California RP. After half of the Mayors have re-constituted the Towns & Cities ;I'm sure many will be asked to the State level. If it's not too late.
Hopefully statehood will not have become just a 'line' on a map.

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