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October 16, 2013


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IT CAN BE ABOUT LOSING YOUR LIFE. Did you hear that SEAL'S father on Huckabe ? He read the letter written
specifically to him from President 'Oblunder'. Caught him in multiple LIES
trying to answer the father's two questions. What a schock. (1) Where were you
during the attack ? (2) Who gave the ORDER to STAND DOWN ? Neither was answered.
He also admitted to being contacted by a Pilot who told him F16's were within
1 hour when told to 'Stand Down' . They had been moved into position on the
extreme southern tip of Italy and had received 'wing tanks'. At that point they
were 400 miles from Benghazi and had Post 'Strike' Fuel at Tripoli. Gen Ham
(area CO) threatened to resign when the Stand Down Order was given. All about
2012 presidential politics.
The removal of General Ham and the resignation of General Petraeus have
particularly stirred widespread concern that both cases may be driven by White
House efforts (you can Google details on this)

PS; F16 w/drop tanks Range Exceeds 2000 miles probably at sub sonic speeds
averaging 500-600 mph. More than enough. They were only 400 miles out of
Benghazi (right on the Coast) initially . Then 350 miles to Tripoli for re-fuel
which allowed for multiple strikes. 350 is their normal combat radius.

Is it only about winning and losing? Is there no discussion, no interest, in actual governing? I save this kind of stuff for Sunday football where real lives are not at stake (except for the players of course).

WHAT PASSES FOR FINANCIAL STRATEGERY: CR's , QE's, ACA's, & TARPS are aptly described by Mark Steyn as "Onanisms" of the 'LEFT' and a few on the "RIGHT".. Actually from a Biblical reference, but how very appropriate. Don't mean to dominate the 'commentary' but couldn't resist. Both Democrats and Republicans just have to do a better job at all levels and let's really VET (meaning more 'VETS') these guys & gals. How about ALL non politicians this time ? You don't really want Socialistic types trying to impress a SYSTEM which has failed in the real world 100 out of 100 times.

TRYING TO MATCH UP A RATIONALE WITH AN AGENDA. Impossible to do until you take The Administration at it's WORD from 2008. AGENDA - "FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING THE COUNTRY". If the existing State has been one of the most productive in history; which direction would you have to 'drive it',in order to affect a "Fundamental Change"? Still think they are looking to stabilize The Country ? Every major influence in this guy's life was a Communist or at least a Marxist.
Until that TRUTH is made clear to ALL; we're headed for the CLIFF and The DRIVER is 'stepping on the gas.'
Obamacare is only STEP 1 ,but the most important in establishing a Socialist State.

TAKE IT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: We really need to work on a way to get the “public campaigning” out of the process of financial renewals of policies already on the books. I really don’t care if the President and Congrssional leaders have to go to hand to hand combat over issues but it needs to get out of the public view. And it needs resolution before the shutdown of the government. As you will see today in the earnings reports of major US businesses and the CEO reports this once again was big blow to the US economy and any momentum we had going. Even worse perhaps are the forecasts by major company CEO’s of further deterioration in the 4th quarter and into 2014 as they anticipate a repeat of this in December and January. IBM was down in every category, United Healthcare predicts even worse performance next quarter, EBAY said the second half of the 3rd quarter showed significant deterioration an blamed it squarely on Congress and AETNA had a bad call as well. If the major companies are feeling the effects of the political games and healthcare rollout then the small businesses will magnify that in the weeks ahead as the government begins to issue their reports on hiring and confidence.

While the President probably won the public blame battle in the end the Republicans are likely to win the long term economic war as the economy slows over the next 12 months headed into the Congressional elections. Democrats would be well served to make some concessions on healthcare implementation or entitlements in return for getting the Dec and Feb dates moved out a year. Both the public perception would be better and the economy might just heal.

Wall Street is issuing a very strong warning that both the US economy is slowing as well as the emerging markets. The new Fed Chair will likely have plenty of ammunition to sustain her easing while Republicans will have plenty to argue that easing isn’t working. It is really a shame when the political pawn in our governing process is the economy, unemployment and small businesses. 74% of America works for small businesses –they should not be the ignored portion of our political chess match just because they do not make large political contributions, have lobbyists , house labor unions or have a big presence in the media.

ONE THING has to be apparent after 5 years. Each time The Republicans lose, likewise does The Country. Ask Joe Manchin (D. W.Va)and his ever increasing circle of Democratic & Republican friends. Hopefully, Sen. Cruz finally lit the fuse seen by both sides. New Jersey Senate polls seem to be watching.

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