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October 03, 2013


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Re. Saul Alinsky; my knowledge of him was purely reactionary. The FACT that the least effective and most devisive President in US History, exceeding VP Johnson in 1865,is a follower of his 'undermining' methodology, guided me. WIKILEAKS does site him as possessing 'organizational genius' in 'Community Organizing'. Like most Liberally oriented people, it is not the intented social corrections that's objected to. In fact I'll admit that one of the biggest mistakes The Republican Party makes is ceding legitemate Social and Environmental efforts solely to the Democratic Party. The misdirected effort Alinsky and Obama make is to assume the
necessary corrections all lie with the System and none whatsoever with those sighted as 'persecuted'. Thus the 'FIX' is never completed.
Two of Alinsky's most famous organized demonstrations as sighted by WIKI was (1) a'fart in' at a string and wind concert and (2)a 'pee in' at Chicago's Ohare in order to have every urinal occupied by Black demonstrators. What an insult.

ACA ILLEGAL AFTERALL. Re. Obamacare legislation. Rep of Arizona has put forward a House Bill declaring enactment of the ACA as a Senate Originated Bill was un-Constitutional. The reason is that because it was declared a Tax (Revenue) Bill by The Supreme Court; it must be originated in the HOUSE ONLY; as stated in the Constitution.. The LAW STATES that the day enactment is attempted it shall be declared void.
So a Supreme Court Chief Justice lost sight of that fact. He could have ordered The ACA returned to the HOUSE as a TAX BILL for re-consideration.
(discussed on WORD Greenville this AM) A Challenge is being mounted in Congress.

Dick G. Do you have any idea who Alinsky was or he the stand-in for all you dislike?

JOHN BOENER 'KNOWS WHEN TO HOLD 'EM'. Raising the 'stakes' from a DEFUND and non Exemption of Congress to Individual CR's to a DEBT DEFAULT. BRAVO ! Let's get Harry & Barry 'Alinsky' back on their heels. Force them to show the hole cards, ALINSKY/ SOCIALISM.
He left Stephanopolis speechless; a historical first.

THE HONESTY FIRST FAILED WITH THE 'RIGHT' NOT PINNING THE CORRECT 'TALE' ON THIS 'DONKEY'. This was a self professed ('91 Auto Bio)Kenyan born citizen educated as a self professed Islamic foreign student from Indonesia. Sen. McCain chose to further suppress truths concerning this President in '08. Wrather than pretend this person is serving legitemately as a Democrat conducting legitemate Constitutional practices; he should have long ago been identified as an 'Alinskyite' and foreigner. Let's stop this charade. It's gone way too far.

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