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October 24, 2013


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LIVING ON EASING---the US, as Dick points out is getting adicted to printing money and actually appears to cheer bad news. Today we got bad new on retail sales and consumer confidence--both down. Wall Street continues to push stocks to record highs. Car sales down. Stocks up. Airline ticket prices soaring--stocks up. New Fed Nominee a champion of easy money--stocks up. Healthcare implementation a mess--stocks up. China growth slowing--stocks up. We have now had 2% or less GDP growth for nearly 6 years--stocks at record highs. I guess the more things go wrong the better it is for us as the Fed prints money. Where is all that cash? Wasn't it supposed to go into the economy and get us moving again? Yep--but nope it is all sitting on the balance sheets of commercial banks making a 1/4 of a percent for the banks. Will they lend it for 5 or 6%--not on a bet! So what does the government do? Prints more money and buys more bonds and mortgages. All over the globe the governments print money trying to gain some economic stimulus. Anyone see it working? The latest entry into the Bernanke playbook--Japan with more than $1 trillion printed this year. Now the new darling of the investor world. Can this actually work? Ask yoursellf how it works if you max out your credit cards? It is really fun until you hit the limit and then the bank increases your rate to say---29%. When that cash comes out of those banks we will think Jimmy Carter's 18% inflation was tame.

'THE LEGACY',OUR'S TOO; or is it our OBIT ?
Too many people, favoring all of this, that will never be impacted negatively by
it. Therefore will always want it to continue. Where do you think this will go
once Hillary gets in. They will keep 'printing money' to support Obamacare and
it's new 'Clinics' (which all of the failed hospitals will become) until it ALL
caves'. Even then they will be able to convince this type of 'voter' (26%
minority 6% illegal+20% Liberal=52%), it is the opposition's fault. All they
have to do is keep those EBT Cards flowing.
Activists are Liberal. They are in every
'nook & corner' of government. The Greenville County Council is loaded (75%).
They were trying to secretly pass a full NEW 1% County Sales Tax addition to the State Tax for (1)
Bridge & road repair (as a cover story) and a bunch of Bike Path Type projects
($65. million). One guy asked;"has this committee ever met to discuss spending
curbs and Tax relief ; at a time when incomes are dropping " ? No answer.
Spartanburg County actually drove most Liberals off last year and has the
lowest Property Taxes with no county sales tax . The new members actually
researched a large group insurance for County Employees and reduced the cost
My property taxes went down from $1025. Probably to below $1,000.
Ah yes;nothing like it. The 'HOME' of the Confederacy. Don't have to wish I
was in Dixie.

I COULD WRITE ALL DAY--with a lead article like this. But, I'll confine myself to a single piece of information from inside the world of Executive search. Executive search knows what the real world is doing no matter what the politicians and government statisticians report. We make a living on the movement of people and their attempts to react to economic and political threats and opportunies.
First, Obamacare. As companies try and find out what the options and their impact are on their businesses it becomes obvious that the person most accurate in her forecast, Nancy Pelosi, was correct: we'll have to pass it in order to find out what's in it. And, now businesses are trying to find it out. But, after a year or two of trying and with Obamacare mandates and costs in the headlights American business leaders are voting. And, they are resoundingly voting no thanks. Staffing companies, who were worried that the costs of Obamacare and the mandates, might destroy thier business model have found the opposite: it is a marketing bonanza! Employers every where are dumping their employers to staffing and contract firms to get rid of the burden of even trying to find out what Obamacare is or what it costs. Let someone else worry about it. Let's just dump our employees on to someone else's payroll. And, guess what those cpmpanies will opt to provide the bear minimum coverage or pay the penalty and let the governments provide coverage in the form of subsidies. So, now employees are becoming temps or contract employees and left to fend on their own to find out what is in Obamacare for themselves. In the meantime the businesses just pay the mark up on salries to the staffing companies for the pleasure of avoiding Obamacare. Is it any wonder the websites are flooded? And if you think, as Democratic spokes people would have you believe, that the website problems will eventually be fixed, that will end the negative outcrys then think again. The negative roar is likely to get even louder as the blue collar world finds out that their employers are no longer the companies they work for but rather are some staffing giants farming them out on contract. This trend is even happening in white collar areas with employees salaried as high as $200k a year. Unintended consequence? Think again. It is likely all part of the grand strategy to drive the country to a single payer health care system run by your government. After all, that is what the President said he wanted right from the start.

'VIDEO' MAKES THE LARGER STATEMENT. The END of The MERITOCRACY (Merit Based Advancement), which has been the Key to this Country's success. This Administration's incompetance, necessary compliant media and 'opaque' government are more 'in line' with third world Communist countries.

Thank you for this information on Rep. Bill Johnson. I didn't know it.

While I'm glad that TRUTHS ARE SAID, DickG, I hope things DON'T GET DONE.

The only thing that I would be happy to see "DONE" is a repeal of O'Care. The other part: allowing a true free market in healthcare care and insurance to flourish freely.

Healthcare and insurance, btw, are not the same.

"INCOMPETANCE ON FULL DISPLAY" - TODAY. Rep.Bill Johnson of Ohio's 6th District speech on 'scrambled eggs' gave both (p)res. 'O' and Johnson's homestate Governor Kasich a bit of 'indigestion'. The simile was in discussion of the 'roll out fix'. He made the statement;"it can't be fixed". To paraphrase -It's an order that was 'scrambled' and the Administration is now insistant on a 'boiled egg' utilizing the same egg and your not allowed to see it until you have indigestion.
This may seem a bit too 'Conservative' until you understand. Bill Johnson holds a BS & MS in Computer Science. Bill Johnson spent 30 years in the Computer Software Industry. Ain't it great when your dealing with other than POLITICIANS. TRUTHS ARE SAID and things GET DONE.

This failure is not totally unexpected. The question? Will we seize the advantage dropped in our lap?

As for this week's video, i.e., the Sibelius interview, here's a good article detailing the secretary's prior "great successes". It turns out that the woman has quite a track record....


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