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November 14, 2013


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Agree with all of it except for the snark. Both Clinton and Kerry are pursuing an "Iran solution" because it is the right thing to do. Both Dems and Reps have attempted this for more than a decade.

OUTCOME HARD TO PREDICT. We don't know if POTUS is Suni or Shia.

The U.S. should take a “distrust an verify” approach with the Iranians, continuing to put pressure on the Iranian regime through sanctions until Iran’s enrichment and reprocessing facilities are completely and verifiably dismantled. The U.S. has spent more than a decade trying to slow down Iran’s nuclear program—all while Tehran has continued its improvement and expansion. Because the final solution, if there is one, will also demonstrate to other states what the U.S. considers acceptable, safe, and responsible behavior regarding nuclear technology, the U.S must not reward Iran for years of volatile and illicit activity. Obama should resist the temptation to settle for a short-term deal that merely buys Iran more time to either expand its program through other means or merely reopen it after a short pause. A long-term, permanent solution is required.

STALINGRAD TO TEHRAN; at opposite ends of the Caspian Sea. Approx. the same distance as Boston is from Chicago (1000 mi).

Enter Vladimir,"battered Barack's" best buddy; who may be searching a resting place for his excess nuclear weaponry. Stop 'enriching', restart the Iranian Economy, take a late- night delivery of a few Russian Nukes. Here's hoping Israel's fate doesn't depend on Mr. ("Reporting for duty") Kerry.

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