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November 28, 2013


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LET's THINK of what is more likely to survive in the "new" middle east: the Saudi Monarchy or the Iranian religious leadership? Given an economically strong Iran (post sanctions) threatening Iraq's oil production as well as the Saudi oil fields and partnered with a Syrian government ( who's only penalty for killing their people was the loss of their chemical weapons) a far different more dangerous middle east is likely to emerge. Israel is not likely to accept such a structure. If Iraq falls into Iran's sphere of influence then Jordan and Kuwait become targets for expansion. It is easy to see Iran slowly expanding religious power through the region. Israel will likely strike long before Iran regains it's place in the economic power structure. And, the strike may not just be against the nuclear infrastructure it could include the oil production facilities as well. Given the shrewd way Russia saved the Syrian government from a US strike it is likely the Russian political influence will grow as well.

E3/E3+3 MONITORING COMMISSION; understand they will be the 'Enrichment' monitoring group. Who will be the President's 'Embellishment' Monitoring Group ? By enterring into this agreement (whichever one he is referring to),isn't he in violation of the UN Order (Resolution #1803/UN Security Council)? This, to have Iran "cease & decist" from any enrichment all-together . That they would be provided peaceful nuclear material ?
Another "SNATCHING'of "DEFEAT from the JAWS of VICTORY". The Democrats themselves ought to be calling for an end to this 'Nationalist Socialist Democratic Party' behavior. Never worked in East Germany and it "ain't work'n here".

CONCENSUS,BUT ON SEPERATE AGREEMENTS ? Anything pertaining to; "I voted for it before I voted against it ?" Has a familiar 'RING' to it. Just be thankful 'Pacific Rim Allies' invaded Chinese new found air space. Occurred just as too many folks began reading the 'fine print'of the Iranian documents.
After China 'DUMPS'or threatens to dump; ONE TRILLION in US Treasury Bonds (financial Bombs); Japan will be told to sell them the Islands.
Remember when The Chairman of The Joint Chiefs,Adm. Mullen, attempted to explain to 'The Community Organizer in Chief',that 'Our Debt' in the hands of a potential enemy was a national security threat ? nahhhh

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