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November 21, 2013


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'AIR-CARE',1917 MOSCOW IN SEATTLE ? Now that 'Socialist Leaders' in Seattle have 'Healthcare' where they want it; time to seize Boeing. City Coucillor 'elect' thinks a refusal to accommodate the Union requires a seizure. "We don't need Executives". "We will build public transportation"(buses instead of airplanes),she exclaimed. From 100 million dollar airplanes to 100,000.dollar busses. 1000 to 1 reduction in the economy is what Seattle could look forward to.
South Carolina awaits your decision.

'OBAMACARE','COMMON(CARE)CORE',NOW SENATE CARE;health education and legislation now all secure from the meddling opposition.
We must create a 'bullwark' against catastrophic occurrences to our Chief Executive Branch of Government. This is the 'TAKE AWAY'from Nov 22 1963, April 14,1865 and The ELECTIONS of 1992 thru 2008.
The Nation
needs a better 'COUNTERWEIGHT' to destructive acts perpetrated ON or BY the
'Occupant of the Highest Office'. When a beneficial Chief Executive is lost,
the respective philosophical strength and direction has to be preserved. When a
self-destructing force is fraudulently introduced to the 'Oval Office',and
Federal Law Enforcement is compromised, a Constitutional solution seems absent.
"Balance of Power" limits are only effective in so far as Constitutional violations can be 'BLOCKED'.
The Vice Presidential (fall back) system is little more than another Political
Appointee subject to the vagaries of 'gaming' political advantage. Probably
the greatest perpetration of illegitemate misdirection was foisted upon the
Nation when both Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated. Both Vice President
Johnsons completely reversed their former Chief Executives' NATIONAL direction.

I would propose that in such an EMERGENCY , convening of a National Council of Governors be called and an Emergency
Declaration made. A series of OPTIONS could Constitutionally be made
available. Results of the Council OPTIONS selected would then require a VETO
PROOF VOTE BY Congress. This way , The NATIONAL 'SENSE OF DIRECTION' , derived
from multiple Executive Perspectives, is preserved.

20 DOCTORS ARE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. 17 voted to dismantle 'THE AFFORDABLE (ALINSKY) CARE ACT'. I have lost two primary care doctors and one 'Specialist' (moved with his wife, also a physician, to Texas). My wife's doctor has taken a Teaching Post and dropped new patients .
One of the two Primary Care physicians I lost also went to a teaching post. The other took an early retirement. Presently there has been no primary care doctor available for a year.

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