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November 07, 2013


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REMEMBER; "HOW WE CAME TO LOVE THE BOMB"(60's 'nuke' movie)? The economic 'bomb' of "The desireability of a 1.5-2% GDP" has come full circle.
....Economics professor yesterday at a financial news interview. "The present rate of GDP growth must be kept where it is out of necessity". He's certifying that the country's lack of growth is carefully planned and exactly what the Country needs.
Why is it that it's so brilliant ? Simple he says; "if the Economy started to grow at all, it would cause interest rates to move up too much." This way, 'deficit borrowing' can continue affordably to the Government.
Great when you have a 'theorist cluck' in power. Allows everyone out of their 'cages' and free to be one too.
What's that old adage ? "Tell a big enough LIE often enough, until it becomes the REALITY."

"OOPS" ON 'EXISTING CONDITIONS' IT SEEMS. He was only politiking; about "people with existing conditions unable to receive insurance coverage".
A Representative from the Insurance Industry speaking Sat. at 5:00 AM on Dennis Prager radio show. He said the industry, after being pressured by 'The Administration' for three years into silence, has decided to come forward.
"Statements by the' Administration' on the ACA concerning "pre-existing conditions" are false. Since 1995's HIPPA ACT (health reforms), private Insurance companies were mandated to establish 'high risk" Insurance Pools FOR PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF EMPLOYEE SPONSORED GROUPS,which are inclusive. Some States,like California, capped the pools at +25% over standard prices.
Anything else ? Oh ya- the Rep. from The Insurance Industry added ;
"after a complete read of the ACA, The Administration was warned of it's many unworkable areas" . They were "threatened and warned to remain silent".
Had the MEDIA read the ACA and consulted with The Insurance Industry three years ago; the Country may have been spared this deception.

'BIG TENT' CONCEPT MUST BECOME A REALITY. Casting Conservatives, Libertarians and Tea Party members adrift (Republican National Convention 2012) is a huge strategic and 'first pricipals' error. People do not disagree with limiting the Federal Reserve Bank's activities. Neither do the majority disagree with eliminating excessive Government, corruption and waste. These positions have become problematic only because of distortions and the ease by which our media is misled.

YET,UNDENIABLY A WIN WITHOUT A SPLIT VOTE; while accounting for all the detracting factors you sighted. A 'Tea Party' favorite because he remains one of the few doing a little 'blocking and tackling' with these Marxists. The typical Republican Candidate, however, must give 'COUNTERTALKING'a 'rest' and address legitemate environmental and social issues as well as fiscal. The methodology in the SOLUTIONS has to become the response.
Nice summary of some real excitement in Virginia. Unfortunate outcome for the people of Virginia and the Country.

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