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December 05, 2013


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COLIN POWELL opts in for the universal healthcare coverage. The Republican General who supported Obama in both elections, has decided to advance the pace of the move to single payer solutions to the Healthcare system.

HEALTHCARE reform as constructed in haste by the majority party is intended to facilitate a short term transition to the ultimate goal: single payer universal healthcare coverage for all. A major part of the move toward income redistribution. It matters little to the President how messy the transition is although he would likely prefer less loss of political capital along the way. Opponents will likely be distracted by the opportunity this messy transition seems to offer for short term political gains. In the end they will be left with the ultimate job of finding a way to fund it just as we are facing the funding shortfalls of social security, public worker pension plans, Medicare, Medicaid and public education. No matter how we label it in the end the solution is higher taxes and those are a clear form of income redistribution: a strategy admitted to Joe the Plumber by mistake but now clearly uttered almost daily in his lame duck years.

REPUBLICANS have ideas but not the political votes to implement them. Only enough to keep the messy transition elongated in hopes the nation will abandon the idea. It will not.

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