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January 16, 2014


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A NICE GUY. President Obama voted a nice guy by 60% of Americans. Less than 33% think he is a good President.

A CLUE? JPM CEO Jamie Dimon says the economy is on fire. He says one of the clues is the big companies are hoarding huge reserves of cash. How does that relate to an economy on fire? What about jobs, top line growth, and bank lending?

IRAN says they want a relationship with everyone except Israel. Nice start to the talks.

US STATE DEPARTMENT questions authenticity of Israel's claims to have stopped an attack on US Embassy by Al Qaeda. That's our State Department led by Senator Kerry correct? I wonder what we would say if the Israeli's questioned our claims that Al Qaeda was responsible for 9-11? I thought they were our ally? One would think we would say "Thank YOU!" The next thing that will happen is Jane Fonda will be named head of the CIA.

MORE OF THE SAME as IBM beats (for the first time in 6 quarters)on earnings but was woefully short on revenue once again. America's big businesses continue to make profits by cutting jobs and costs. It is amazing how many people go on the air waves and proclaim the economy robust. Meanwhile, one of the Sharks from Shark Tank describes the war on small businesses by this administration. It is amazing that we are 6 years into the slaughter of jobs by attacking small business with higher taxes, higher healthcare costs, more regulation and a lack of access to capital.

Newsweek got it right this time with the President clearly on the cover and exposed as one of the worst ever. Get a copy and frame it. How long has it been since a major media (besides Fox) entity declared him incompetent.

TODAY the US started the easing of sanctions on Iran. I guess we must be winning the war in Syria and shut down the enrichment program in Iran.

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