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February 13, 2014


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One thing this administration has done for all of us with common sense is that it's shown the amount of those breathing, without it!


CREATING JOBS: It's funny how easy we fall in to the trap of wanting someone to create jobs. Me too, after all I am an Executive Recruiter. But, like the demand for products and services new jobs are difficult to create. What we have to do is create demand for qualified candidates and then motivate the educational system to inspire and produce them. The private company system is not going to crate and fill jobs for people not of use to them. Governments will but as governments find it is a costly proposition and tat is why private companies don't do it. Government can hire police, fire fighters, teachers, soldiers, IRS agents, intelligence agents, etc. But, none of them create a net increase in revenue an thus they become targets of political opposition ready to "cut" them to reduce the deficit. After all, it is likely this is how we got here: hiring people to create jobs. And, now we employ the unemployed with food stamps, medical payments, unemployment benefits. It is not a low cost system. It just looks it. Then we excuse them from paying taxes. Out in the private world there IS demand for people with special skill sets. First of all people with skills in selling are always employed. And, for each one of them seven non sales people are employed. Why? Because sales people create a demand for production of products and services that they sell. I can go on and on about this but lets skip forward. There are roughly 3 million IT jobs open for people with mechanical skills who know IT. See any move buy the education system to motivate and produce those people? No? Because it's not a 4 year degree and $100,000 price tag. But, you know what? It pays better than most of the jobs a 4 year degree gets you. Nurses are in demand. Petroleum engineers are in demand. Geologists are in demand. Construction superintendents are in demand (another non degree job that pays more than $80k).

Improving this country requires LEADERSHIP and it is lacking. It requires a few of the people to get out of the wagon and pull for a change. It requires a few parents to say to their kid: go to school and learn how to fix cars, machines and study IT. Not Psych, history and philosophy. Get a sales job in your pert time and learn how to sell. Learn the difference between push marketing and pull marketing. Get out of retail and into selling to businesses. Learn the English language. Pick up a hammer and learn how a house is built. Start with a deck. Get the hell out of the wagon and work. Otherwise run for office and put some more people in the wagon. Or start a war so we can pay more soldiers. Apple has roughly $140 Billion in cash. They are not going to create any jobs until they need the people and then they are going to build the plant where the schools produce the right talent. It's pretty simple. You are right, Bill. The wagon is filling up.

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