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March 06, 2014


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THE NEW WORLD REALITIES: Whether the missing plane turns out to be a catastrophic accident or a bungled high jacking or something else it just seems ironic that two Iranians left Iran under their own passports then went to Malaysia and purchased two stolen passports from an Iranian citizen and then boarded a plane together. The plane disappears one hour into the flight. So, at this point authorities are asking the public to tell them what they know about the two Iranian passengers. Why would not our new buddies in Iran tell us about their citizens? And, what about the passport seller? Who has him? In today's new world we seem to be very quiet about saying anything about strange occurrences involving Iran. This goes along with our seeming new policy of no drone strikes while we talk to Iran.
AND, we have Putin moving swiftly to consolidate his hold on Crimea so that when the population decides Crimea should join Russia on the 16th he will be able to simply occupy and annex it as a new state of Russia. Then what? He takes the parts of Georgia he currently occupies? Looks just like the Russia that moved in to Afghanistan long ago. Except this Russia is made up of pseudo billionaires many likely to be former KGB members. The old communist elite.
WHEN China then decides to surround Taiwan and end the divided China what do we do? Or will they then decide to take the disputed Islands from Japan? Not to push a thought but it always occurs to me that China is a communist dictatorship. It just looks friendly.
In Syria last I heard more than 86% of the chemical weapon stockpiles were yet to be located and moved to be destroyed. Assad still runs the country. The civil war allows Muslim terrorists to train their recruits in the name of freedom and spread them into Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Gaza and other Muslim countries. Perhaps even Europe. Syria is a Russian, Iranian partnership brokered in place by Secretary Kerry.
This is the new world we are leaving our kids along with the massive debt being accumulated. People may not like the idea of the US being the police of the world but if we don't do it then the world is going to get a lot more dangerous. Eight years of "loving our enemies" is a big window of opportunity for those who hate us.

5 YEAR BULL MARKET? today the world of finance seemed to go crazy over the 5 year bull market despite Putin rolling along toward annexation of Crimea and a missing airliner possibly taken by terrorists funded by Iran. Not a worry. This is not a real bull market. This a recovery of stocks that dropped 50% in 2009 and have climbed back over 5 years fueled by the printing of $4 Trillion. What's to celebrate? We are just back where we were and much DEEPER in debt. earnings increases have been manufactured by financial engineering using cash not spent to buy back stock and increasing earnings per share. And, we have a false unemployment rate based on a retiring employee base and a move to part time employment driven by skyrocketing healthcare costs. I wish this bull market was something to celebrate that was based on real economic recovery led by a real estate market that was not dependent on tricky financing for underwater property owners.

A VACUUM INVITES FILLING. Why does your vacuum cleaner work? Because a vacuum attracts anything in its path to fill it's void. And, in the words of Bill above the President has created a vacuum in foreign policy. What greater signals can you give your adversaries and your friends that you are bowing out than to give up on protecting your friends from rogue missiles, appointing softies as Secretary of State and Defense, leaving your Libya Ambassador to be killed without even deploying an attempt to rescue and all of the other actions/inactions pointed out above. SO, a vacuum is being filled. The ego driven Russian Putin steps up.

JOB NUMBERS: Todays job numbers are being hailed by Wall Street as I listen as wonderful. 175,000 jobs. A net of plus 47,000 jobs. 6.5 Million full time people were employed part time in February. I hope we are headed up. I hope it was all weather. But, I will wait for the revisions before I smile. 400,000 jobs is what we need. And, yesterday the President excused the Labor Unions from Obamacare fees and taxes. Those $25B in costs will likely be passed along to the private companies who cover their employees. That should really help create jobs.

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