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March 13, 2014


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BETTER THE DICTATORSHIP OF PUTIN THAN CHAOS. The words of a Crimean gay man who voted to join Russia. His partner voted the other way. It shows the desperation of people who's countries and life style are threatened. It also confirms the Russian people's view of Putin. Meanwhile in a contest of weak words with the President the VP tells the world that the US will respond to any act of aggression? Sorry but what was the annexation of Crimea? What was the storming of the Ukrainian Naval Base? This is another of the series of threats the US makes to the world beginning in 2009 with the Iranian "line in the sand" and Kerry's threats against Assad. These words also show the lack of legitimacy of the current Ukrainian leadership. A position the US has assumed. But, is it? Will the elections be any more honest than the Russian referendum? Remember when our friends the Chinese took Tibet? No? Well it will be hard to remember Crimea soon. Do you know the name of the Georgia territory the Russians liberated?

CHINA: Inflation in China is around 3% but wage inflation is nearly 10% and labor shortages are showing up. These two conditions are making low skill manufacturers to look to India, Vietnam and Indonesia as new places to locate. The low wage jobs continue to circle the globe: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Mexico (we imported them) and now South America and South east Asia. Eventually, Detroit will be back in the black.

GAME OVER? Putin announced his victory over Obama last night in a very direct way: Crimea was stolen from Russia and we simply took it back. That sound like a person going backwards because we are restricting travel of his friends and the float of their money after a ten day warning? The game is over in Crimea. This logic will apply to China and Taiwan. Certainly is similar to the Palestinians cry over the years. Pakistan can make that case against India. And, Mexico could also make the case against the US to annex California in a way other than conquest by immigration. It was a foregone conclusion when the demonstrations started that Russia would retake the Crimea and their military bases. All over the world we could see these type of annexations become more common. Both North and South Korea could use it as an excuse. If the US was really serious in it's response it would give NATO member status immediately. But, that is not likely to happen as that would be the equivalent of Kennedy's Cuban blockade generally accepted as the closest we ever came to military engagement with the USSR. Diplomacy here is necessary because Putin can be looking at the rest of Ukraine as a vacuum inviting NATO to occupy a country with his natural gas pipeline to the Western markets. It is still a chess game between Putin and Obama to be carefully played. President Obama continues to fade as a world leader and even though Putin is vulnerable to being painted as a bad guy he is also likely being seen by many as a world leader challenging the US President. The President needs to think carefully about what his shrinking image Bill discusses has done to the security of the nonnuclear players in the world. And, he needs to understand that his Secretary of Defense's stand on a huge reduction in the US ability to occupy and fight ground wars invites aggression by those with boots on the ground. The west has 10,000 troops close to Crimea. Russia has 100,000. You cannot occupy land with drones.

MISSING PLANE: The missing plane is another area where the President is suspect. Continually we watch the White House and the media silence on the Iranian potential involvement in the incident. A few interesting facts. The plane is believed to have gone to 45,000 feet after it was taken. Assuming that passengers represent the greatest threat to retake a plane it makes sense to kill them and the fastest way to do that would be to go to altitude. It is thought that the Iranians could not enter the computer instructions to turn the plane west but it is possible they ordered the pilot do it. So, as a mathematician I find it difficult to dismiss the Iranians with stolen passports from taking the plane. That kind of coincidence is hard to accept. Then why the turn to the west? What's west? With the range of that plane it could easily have gotten to land unless sabotaged by passengers or the pilot. It could have gone past India and toward Pakistan. I do not know if it could reach Somalia. And, finally, if this were simply an act of pilot suicide why the 6 hour flight after the turn? Why turn, plenty of ocean straight ahead and land. Why bother to turn the transponders off 30 minutes before the engines data stopped? It seems if this is an act of terrorism or one to be refuted the US would be making more aggressive public efforts to address the situation. Not to, is to once again make the US President unconcerned.

WERE HAS RESPECT FOR THE OFFICE GONE? Today in announcing that the President would be giving a talk on Ukraine CNBC referred to the President as MR. Obama. Not ten minutes later they announced the the Vice President would be going to Europe to address NATO. In doing so they referred to the VP as simply Biden.

IRAN: It seems to me that the media has gone out of it's way to ignore the fact that an Iranian sold the two stolen passports used by two Iranians to board the plan. We also see the media ignoring the lack of Drone strikes since we started our talks with Iran. Hard to believe it was simply chance that two Iranians with stolen passports were on board.

PUTIN: In his news conference today the PRESIDENT sounded like we were standing tall. However, the sanctions we are taking against individual's assets are a far cry from international sanctions against Russia. Russia actually moved further into Ukraine over the weekend and sponsored a referendum for Crimea to join Russia on Sunday. I would submit that Russia will do whatever they want now that they have started and their is little the west can do about it physically. The tougher the sanctions we announce the more likely Putin will simply push further to shore up his position. Georgia could be next. It would serve the Prime Minister of Ukraine to stop the military threats to Russia as he will not likely get military help from NATO and more challenges to Putin are likely to invite more aggression.

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