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April 03, 2014


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PUTIN,JOBS,ECONOMY Putin continues to pull strings in Ukraine sending in instigators in Eastern Ukraine to disrupt the political process and to manufacture a reason to take further military action if he deems the opportunity puts the odds in his favor. Meanwhile the President has rightly taken his conversations behind closed doors while Secretary of State Kerry continues to threaten Putin with grave dangers of moving further.

Americans working has returned to the 2008 levels. Unfortunately, the millions of high paying middleclass jobs promised by this President have turned out to be low paying, temporary, contract positions with few to no benefits.

The economy has no kick because Americans are paying more for benefits, more in taxes, more for food, more for gas and have still not recovered the value in their houses. Companies continue to cut expenses to make earnings. They continue to use their cash to buy back stock rather than expand.

This is the hope and change we were promised. Happy now?

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