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April 10, 2014


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This was a masterful blog posting. You really did your homework. I am just befuddled how corrupt our executive branch is. I think one category you can add is how the IRS and DOJ targets hard working conservatives. The obstruction of justice going on now in regards to the targeting of conservative groups is beyond belief. Talk about a cover up, this makes Watergate look like a run of the mill scandal.
Keep up the great work!

As you point out, Bill, 11 Million illegals influence the black unemployment rate today. However, the presence of more than 30 million illegals over the past 30 years has dramatically influenced this problem for 3 decades and created the millions of permanently unemployed black Americans. Over the past decade this continuous influx of poor people motivated to work for lower wages and virtually no benefits has also taken the jobs of blue collar white males as well. The lack of employer paid benefits for this group has cost the healthcare system billions of dollars restricting the funds available to contribute to America's education system giving rise to lower educational performance and graduation rates among the poor. Under the pressure of lower budgets and higher student counts innovation in the education system is lacking. The result is a labor force that is ill equipped to meet todays job requirements for what might have been middle class jobs. Evidence the 3 million unfilled mechanical maintenance jobs that require IT skills.

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