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May 15, 2014


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A couple days ago the President stood up for better treatment of Veteran's and in true Obama fashion promised heads would roll if he found they weren't being treated right. When have any heads rolled in this Administration? It was just another campaign speech by the "smoke and Mirrors" man. Yesterday he met with business leaders to discuss "jobs". 6 years now the word jobs has been uttered--8 if you count the campaign. Where are the real jobs? Jobs to this President consist of "extended unemployment benefits, protection for illegal immigrants, food stamp programs, student loans, and a higher minimum wage. One more meeting and photo op for the 2014 elections to try and keep Republicans from winning the Senate. Executive competence is only available in this man in one way: blame someone else, promise things that don't create jobs, regulate things that do, make public threats for appearances and utter cave ins behind open mike's and closed doors. The good news--only 2.5 more years of Executive Deception. And, by the way today it was revealed that Hillary has made $5M in $200,000 (per) speeches since she left State. could it be that she will continue this onslaught on credible leadership?

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