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May 01, 2014


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HILLARY--Her accomplishments:

DEFEATED Presidential Primary candidate. Beaten by a rookie Senator who barely ever voted on an important issue.
DEFEATED Wife. Humiliated by President Clinton.
OUT FOXED Secretary of State set up to take the blame--so well documented above--for the Obama era Presidency. Interestingly, she looks like a Hawk compared to her follow on, Kerry, in what I'm sure was another FOXY move by the White House to further dilute America's influence overseas and opposition to the Iran talks (where did they go?), invisible Drone strategy, and draw down of America's military resources.
DISGRACED Secretary of State with the blood of Americans on her hands in Benghazi.

Only in the American Democratic Party would these be credentials of a solid candidate for the Presidency.

Until the media stops printing the news they generate and select to print, we will never have any truth or fact of the real politics of this administration.
And as far as Hillary's credibility! She makes Jamie Gorelick look like a novice for creating disasters!

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