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June 05, 2014


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IMMIGRATION: Sooner or later as illegal Mexicans spill over the border and ICE refuses to send them home there will be a turn in America from amnesty and immigration reform to stop the flow. Immigration watchers now estimate that in anticipation of the coming amnesty program the flow of illegals from the south is now up 75%. This is also fueled by the improving economy for low wage earners. Who will likely bear the burden of the cost of these new arrivals? CALIFORNIA will be a prime recipient. And with it will come the arguments for and against this influx of potential Democratic voters. Cantor's loss was a warning shot of the likely death of immigration reform and the return of more aggressive state actions against these job takers. And, so, Bill, I think the Republicans will find some support in California to stop the flow of illegals from the south.

IRAQ--now joins the list of places in which the unwinding of America's military presence has opened the doors for aggressive Al Qaeda attacks on the new governments in the Middle East. Turkey calls for UN action--why?-- do they think Putin will help slow the influx of refugees or help pay for them? Afghanistan's liberated women await their doomsday scenario next as the Taliban now openly negotiates with the administration. And, where are the Drone attacks? Where are the 200 missing girls in Africa Muslims are holding?

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