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June 26, 2014


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OUR MEDIA: Today you have to search to the back pages of media to get the latest on Iraq-Syria. This seems to be coordinated with yesterday's media blitz by the White House on immigration and Veteran's medical treatment scandal. Here's what I found on NBC:

The leader of Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, the Sunni insurgent group rampaging across Iraq, called on Muslims on Tuesday to join his fight. “Rush O Muslims to your state. Yes, it is your state,” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said. He said that terrorism is a way for Muslims to live honorably and “insist upon your rights.” He also said the world is split between Islam and the forces of “disbelief and hypocrisy,” including the United States, Russia and Jews.

I wonder if that would have made the front pages if GWB were in office?

ECONOMY: The world economy will follow the USA. It has lagged because the US economy has been in a slow thaw. Now the thawing appears to be accelerating and you should begin to see the world economy respond in a year or two. BUT ONLY IF US companies begin to find a way to increase revenue figures. The US Companies are still largely getting their EPS through financial engineering and that does not bode well for increasing GDP. On the other side of it worldwide monetary expansion of currencies puts us in a position where an increase in the economy will quickly lead to big inflationary pressure causing the FEDS of the world to put on the breaks and a fast increase in interest rates. Think of hoe low consumer spending is. Think of how slow the housing market really is. What will higher interest rates do to an expanding economy? An economy that barely hits 2% if it even does. Interesting situation and very scary.

OBAMA's Day: After the court ruled against his policies the President has spent the day in full campaign mode: First, he has taken on the Tea Party on Immigration Reform. He has ordered the Interior department to secure our borders "if we have the resources". He is having Secretary Kerry to meet with South American leaders to see if he can figure out why all the children are showing up on our borders. Imagine--what policies could possibly inspire people to send their children here? And, subject them to the dangers of the trip and exploitation. At the same time he told us he has many Hispanic soldiers coming to the White House for the 4th of July and he would naturalize them. More political use of people to serve his political objectives.

Now I am listening to his concern's for our Veteran's healthcare. He is 6 year's late. More pomp and circumstance. Bob did such a wonderful job at P&G--I'll leave that to your research.

All of this timed perfectly with the release of the Supreme Court rulings.

OBAMA: SUPREME COURT PUSHES BACK. The Supreme Court issued two more limits to Obama's power. Perhaps the justices are trying to level Obama's playing field a little. They ruled against birth control mandates to some Religious groups and more broadly they ruled that members of public unions do not have to pay union dues if they do not want to be a member.

POLICY IN IRAQ,SYRIA and IRAN? In an interesting move the Administration pledged to provide more weapons to Syrian rebels. It is not clear exactly how this does not provide weapons to the rebels coming out of Syria and into Iraq to advance against American positions being established in Baghdad. And, of course we have the policy of the "line in the sand" against Iranian nuclear weapon development and the establishment of Iran as an ally in the Iraq crisis. And, of course, we have President Clinton offering that if we had never have attacked Iraq this wouldn't be happening? Perhaps so. But what actually would be going on? In Egypt, Libya, Syria, Algeria, Pakistan and Iraq--do we think those would have remained stable in a world of dictators? And, of course we have Putin still constraining us from ending the rein of Assad.

Illegal immigration eats up middle class jobs. Period. Forget all the talk of how America needs those college educated kids from overseas to stay because American kids won't study math and science. Let them stay. That is not what illegal immigration is all about. It is about generation after generation of illegal Mexicans coming to America where they swamp schools and bankrupt states welfare systems. Yes they come and take low paying jobs not preferred by our unemployed people. Mexican workers work hard. They, like other immigration groups before them including the ancestors of most of us, work to get the American dream no matter the pay or conditions. And, one cannot help but admire them for it. However, after several years along comes amnesty and they are legal. Then, they begin to bleed into the middle class jobs of construction, truck driving, landscaping, fast foods, government work,teaching and small business owners. And, when they do they displace the Americans who held those jobs. Oh the poor American white and black males. First they endured a 60 year post WWII movement of the women from the homes to the workforce. Then a wave of 31 million illegal Mexican workers into the workforce. All of this aided by affirmative action legislation for all but white males. Their jobs were taken through political action of the Democratic Party building a base of a coalition of blacks 96% Democratic, women 55% Democratic and Hispanics 65% Democratic. The strategy of using the government legislation and ignoring the immigration laws built a Democratic Party that rarely loses. A flood of partisan legislation favoring every conceivable minority keeps the party growing. When legislation won't get passed then they "turn on the press" to make Republicans who are wondering why all this favoritism occurs look like biased, racist, anti minority bigots. In self defense the Republicans are forced to go along with amnesty always called immigration reform. There is no immigration reform--there is always amnesty. 4 years later there are millions more legal Democratic voters. And so it will go until finally the minorities will turn on each other and a third party emerges. By then I suspect the middle class white worker's playing field will have been leveled and he too will need welfare. Who then will pay the taxes to service the debt?

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