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June 19, 2014


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SUPREME COURT alters the Presidents Legacy. The Supreme court which gave the President the green light on his Affordable Healthcare Act for his legacy today issued a ruling that took away the power to use executive order to install stalled appointees when the Senate is in recess. I'm sure the President watched the movie "Lincoln" a few years ago and smiled as the movie was all about Lincoln using powers he clearly knew would not be upheld by the Supreme court to gain votes to end slavery. Lincoln's idea was that it would be far too late to reverse what he had done. Seems the President uses similar logic in issuing executive orders to implement policies Congress will not approve. It will be interesting to watch the other critical rulings the court is to issue this week.

LEGACY? I think the legacy will be a lesson to Americans that we cannot elect people who have beliefs out on the fringe of either party and get much accomplished. This was really a two year presidency that lasted eight. For two years given an opening of full control of Congress the President reined as a monarch shoving left oriented policies and regulations onto the American public. When legislation didn't work he simply issued executive orders to get his policies in place. By 2010 the public had seen enough and took away the mandate. For what will be 6 years following by 2016 the President and his Congressional leaders have simply fought a battle of blockades to prevent modifications to the healthcare plan and defunding. Taking advantage of a Republican party in a confused state he consolidated his policies in place through a barrage of executive orders to tax and regulate American businesses and wealthy. Using the massive deficit to fund the unemployment benefits and welfare benefits he set in place a debt that will always limit the ability of any future American president and Congress to fund infrastructure projects or to lower corporate tax rates to truly bring back jobs that will support the middle class. There was never any real attempt by this President to create or inspire jobs in America. It was all about leveling the playing field for the poor to solidify the Democrats voting majority. It was increased even more with his refusal to control illegal immigration. International policy was basically that of his father who convinced him that America and Europe were responsible for all the problems of the world as they had exploited the 3rd world and taken their resources. Apology, withdrawal and disarmament was his foreign policy leaving us a world of tribal wars and realignment. It matters little what the library looks like. We are likely to see dramatically what he has accomplished even before he leaves office.

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