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July 03, 2014


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PULLING OUT is proving to be more and more dangerous. Iraq leaders announced that ISIS has control of 88 pounds of "low Grade" (they think) Uranium products used for research in the University they captured. This whole idea that a strategy of leaving the world to fend for itself and everyone will love America is rapidly proven to be a dangerous and foolish move. So now Iraq wants the US to retrieve it. It seems hard to believe that by now ISIS does not have some of the chemical weapons Assad has hidden in Syria that Putin kept us from going after. Some believe ISIS is just a band of thugs raiding soft targets in Iraq. Al Qaeda is linked to them and if 9-11 told us anything it is not to underestimate their hatred for the USA.

PUTIN made his move and got away with it. Russian stocks are rebounding nicely now and represent a great opportunity to make big gains as the USA and others welcome him back into the fold. Sanctions did what?

WHERE DID IRAQ GO? So, where has the media filed Iraq? In the same file with IRAN, SYRIA, Mexican KIDS, UKRAINE and other foreign policy blemishes of the Administration. The "not for publication" file to be opened after the 2014 election. The file also contains the IRS, Benghazi, "more flexibility after my reelection" open mike strategy, China's cyber attacks, an explanation of the drone strike disappearances, our invisible strategy in Afghanistan and the missing 200 girls in Africa we can't find.

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