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August 07, 2014


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Dirty Tricks: After Christie hung himself the Republicans ran into the gas chamber by trying to take the President to court for abuse of power using executive orders to end run Congress. In response the Democrats found a pocket of Democrats in Texas to take Perry to a grand jury and have him charged with a felony abuse of power. Another potential Presidential candidate down the tubes. This week the Democrats began an AD campaign targeting Paul Ryan with his throw grandma off the bus comment's on Obamacare. Systematically Democrats will try to discredit Republican's leading candidates for the 2016 campaign.

THE PODIUM STRATEGY: With an opening in Missouri, to bring out the discrimination issue and fire up the base the President has taken to the megaphone and sent Holder and the FBI to make sure the media focuses on the event. Once again we see another local event, bad as it was, exploited by outside influences.

Every day we have the suddenly militant CIC taking to the podium to address Ukraine, Iraq,(no word on Iran, Syria or Israel) and today the beheading of the American journalist. Where were these outrage comments when the American Muslim attacked at Fort Hood and the Afghan Muslim killed the American General last month? What words will we hear when the US abandons the women of Afghanistan to the Taliban hangings? Will we blame that on Bush or Romney?

Desperate to repair his soft ball leadership issue and save the Senate from Republican control, Democrats are starting the 2016 campaign early. Republicans had better get going if they are to win in 2014 and 2016. Paul Ryan wrote a book and if today's interview is any hint of his strategy then he is a dead duck. You cannot tell the interviewer that all the answers are in the book and win an election. Not many people will read it to get the details.

ALMOST ON QUE as I posted the previous comment Putin came on the air and told us just how much he wanted to end the conflict in Ukraine. Minutes later the President came on the air and in "Aircraft carrier landing fashion" told the world that the humanitarian actions of the US in Iraq were successful and he expected no more US operations to be necessary. Then in virtually the next sentence said air strikes would continue in Iraq. And, that the people who (he said he would never send it) had helped with the operation would be coming home. Hey, as he reminded us he is the CIC and I support the moves he made. However, the end of his speech on Iraq he then told us we are working to reunite Iraq against the ISIS. Our version of reuniting them was to support another regime change. Meanwhile we are arming the Kurds to fight ISIS or to fight for their independence? Confused? Read Bill's article above.

WHAT IS GOING right for the US leadership?

It appears that US and EU sanctions are getting Putin's attention. But, stay tuned. This comic show in the Ukraine is certainly more of the chess games that go on with Putin and the President. After seizing Crimea and supporting a group who shot down a commercial airliner only to get his wrist slapped, Putin needs to look more compassionate so he sends in a convoy of white trucks. After being checkmated in Syria, watching the Iranians send missiles to Hammas to launch against Israel, watching the government change in Iraq as a result of a band of terrorists from Syria, and doing virtually nothing to support the Iraq he abandoned the President needed to look more militant so he launched air strikes to save the 10,000 on the hill. With Putin a KGB dictator we only see what he wants us to see. With the President we only see what a microphone inadvertently left on picks up. So, the chess game fogged in smoke and mirrors goes on. The Us is picking up $100B of capital from the Russian billionaires sending their money here to buy real estate. The US consumer is benefiting from the Russians declining our agricultural products AS chicken and corn prices plummet. Normally in a crisis oil and gas prices go through the roof. As does gold. Not now. Now oil and gas fall. Gold is stable. But, political games played in a fog of smoke and mirrors by two men with big egos and unclear objectives are dangerous and mistakes are often made. Just as we are experiencing with an economy fueled by printed money. US $4T, world $12T. Uncharted territory by Feds who don't know for sure what their policies will bring.

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