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August 28, 2014


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I rarely defend the President but in this case I have to at least give him some sort of credit. For me he is unlike Neville in one way: he will take the fight to the enemy if he does not have to publically use "boots on the ground" and inflame his base. The President has been quick to use Drone strikes likely coordinated by the CIA and our NATO allies and supported by US intelligence assets and special forces inside foreign countries. In many ways this flies in the face of the liberal base he leads in that we are actually operating in preemptive engagements against our enemy. Evidently, the support that we appreciated from GB Sr. with our allies is behind the scenes for these operations including even those not really on our side as they rarely object very vigorously. These strikes into Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, etc. are actually a violation of their sovereignty and in years gone by would have been vigorously objected to internationally and by the liberal base. The President, by the absence of protest, must have at
least a quasi acquiescence. Hence, my KUDOs to having the guts to take the fight to the enemy on their turf.

As for the establishment of ISIS as a country of terrorists it is unlikely. What better opportunity could we have than to let them all congregate into some small space in between Iraq and Syria like fish in a drying pond where we can then blast them back into the 18th century where their technology for war currently resides. Anyone remember the first nights of Gulf War I and II as well as the views from Afghanistan when the Taliban terror camps were attacked? That is what modern conventional firepower looks like.

My guess, having no real access to intelligence or the modern strategy of the special forces commands, is that this is the war of the future. Secretly fought, just as GWB told us it would be after 9-11. ISIS may put their occasional brutality on the internet but it is not likely that the Navy Seals will. Last week one of the retired generals, now an analyst/commentator, slipped a little I suspect when he commented that the US had about 1000 soldiers on the ground in Iraq. The President had told us about 200 were being sent and were already on the way back out.

This is the war of Drones, intelligence and special forces. No more 1000's of foot soldiers. I saw a group of US Air Force Academy cadets in an Airport recently and as I talked with them about their career aspirations many of them were going into Drones especially the young ladies. Interesting--when we were there it was all aboutfighter jocks! Another career of interest was Cyber war. It may not be public but the military/intel services are making the change and I'm sure it is a lot more effective than we know. I give the President his credit for the strikes and so far for his understanding of the interaction of nuclear posers rules of engagement. But, like Bill, I give him lower marks for his public image of weakness that his pandering to his base and our enemies gives the world's bad guys. In my mind it invites the Crimean and Ukraine gambits by Putin. But, perhaps he is not as bad as Neville.

I look forward to you're weekly newsletter as it is always insightful and informative. This is another one you 'hit the ball out of the park'on.
I truly believe the real danger in America today is not Isis or the ineffective, narcissist we have for a commander in chief.
The real danger lies within America and those 47% that supported this president for a second term.

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