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August 14, 2014


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REPUBLICAN LESSONS FROM CANTOR'S LOSS: If all the rosy predictions for Republican control of the Senate are to come true then Republicans had better get some leadership and get started NOW to get out the votes. Obama and the dirty tricks campaign of Democrats are already taking their toll on Republicans like Perry and Paul. They will soon be replaying Romney tapes on women and 47% and other snafus. Obama is in full campaign mode with Putin, Iraq attacks, beheadings, and Missouri. Who speaks for the Republican's? No one I'm afraid. Christie is gone. Paul writes a book instead of talking. McCain has gone silent. Perry is charged with abuse of power--something the House leadership never thought of when they charged the President. that leaves MARIO--where is he? Where is Jeb Bush? Bill-how will the get out the vote ever be inspired in the Republican base?

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