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September 11, 2014


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HOW MANY TIMES--do we tell our enemy ahead of times our strategy for the purposes of "political gain?" Is this strategy really working? Is open discussion of our strategy working? Just because the base of the Democratic party squeaks do we then have to open up and tell them what we will not do or worse when we will do it? Once again today the President slapped his commanders faces and assured his base that America will not use ground forces to fight Iraq's war. But he already is. We all know US Special Forces are involved. And, with an enemy beheading Americans, recruiting Americans, threatening Americans and promising to use sleeper cells in America to kill us why is this Iraq's war? And, our continual declaration that we have a time table for leaving Afghanistan to the same ruthless terror group simply offers them another void to fill or should I call it another front to fight us on? How long until the slaughter of liberated Afghan women shown on internet videos forces the hand of the next American President to return to that battlefield? And, let us hope that the next President IS NOT Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine a 4 year stint of Hillary as president in a war against terror? IS this move we are making against ISIS really a war or is it a holding action until the President can get out of town in 2 years leaving the mess to the successor? I'm not for or against the use of US troops to defend the country. That's why we have them. And, that's what most of them want to do. And, they do it better than any men and women on earth. But, this is a war being fought with different rules and it will be fought likely forever. Didn't we learn that you either commit and fight with resolve as well as you can or you suffer greatly once before? In this war one mistake can cost us unbelievable losses. In Vietnam it was easy to just pull up stakes and come home. That was a war we could leave overseas. In this war pulling up stakes and coming home leaving a wounded enemy behind is only to invite another invasion by a very determined, ruthless and patient enemy. (to be continued another day)

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