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September 04, 2014


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IRONIC ISN'T IT? That on the eve 13 years after 9-11 the President in his 6th year has to give the country and the world a political speech to justify a reversal in his policy of sorts. After winning election basically by bashing GWB's prosecution of a 7 year war designed to protect America and the world from future strikes like 9-11 and worse, the President now has to rally the world to pursue and destroy a terror group that actually holds cities, territory and prisoners in the midst of two countries: one he abandoned in his haste to withdraw and another that he was deterred from prosecuting by his political ambitions as well as Putin. In this case we know that chemical weapons are distributed in locations throughout Syria. In effect despite 6 years of drone and special forces operations Terrorist groups now have footholds in Egypt, Libya ,Somalia, Yemen, Lebanon, Gaza, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They actually hold large areas of ground in Iraq and Syria. And, the world's largest terrorist state, Iran, continues to move toward a nuclear program. The American people may be tired of war but as GWB told us like it or not this war is forever. And, the experiment under a "rookie" President to love our neighbors has only made the world far more dangerous. Let's see how civil liberties are handled now with thousands of passports in the hands of terrorists. So, what about boots on the ground? The carefully worded political strategy of no ground warfare, no boots on the ground just 7 weeks before the election was followed quickly in true smoke and mirrors fashion with but I am sending another 475 "advisors" to help out the locals fight. A few months ago we sent 190 to Iraq to help secure Baghdad. So now are we at 665 or did they U turn? In any case there are 40 members of a Navy Seal Team so let's just assume we are sending in 12 special forces teams. That would be around 480. And, if we sent 3 before that would be another 180. In any case it is reasonable to assume that we have "boots on the ground"--the best we have. Without them and likely many more it is going to be a difficult task to get ISIS terrorists out of the cities where they will likely shield themselves from the air strikes surrounding themselves with human shields and executing who knows how many. The speech worked. Approval rating was 70% this morning. Will it be enough to keep the Senate? If it does America is likely to have one more hangover in 2015. 13 Years after 9-11 are you really feeling safer? Probably not if you work at Twitter.

SCHEDULING STRATEGY: An interesting leader, this President. After months of wandering around in public with no strategy for the middle east we are now scheduling a policy speech to explain the strategy we have not had against ISIS. And for that matter against ASSAD either. remember the final shoot out in "The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY" with the three shooters all trying to figure out who to shoot? Of course the GOOD knew the UGLY had no bullets so EASTWOOD held the aces, Wallach was safe unless the BAD shot him first and Van Cleef was in trouble. This week the President will tell us who he will shoot. Putin will likely be in his mind as the savior of Assad and the President will likely show that he has Iran's bullets (until they get the bomb). So, likely we will shoot ISIS. The question is will the objective be to drive them out of Iraq or destroy them requiring attacks inside Syria? And, how does one destroy an enemy without "boots on the ground"? With the election 9 weeks away this will be an interesting speech.

Putin's GAME of CHESS: continues. This week Putin met with the Ukrainian President and then moved more forces into Ukraine. The next day our President blasted Putin and reassured Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that NATO was there forever to ensure their freedom. At the same time our President validated the beheading of another journalist by ISIS and met with NATO on the strategy to deal with it. Reports are that Putin was in the NATO meeting. Putin then assured the world that he had a plan to end the Ukrainian situation. So, how is it that we have Putin building a new buffer zone against NATO in Georgia, Crimea and Ukraine while at the same time he attends NATO strategy meetings on ISIS? Given the outcome in the Syria/Assad/Chemical weapons mess whereby Putin made all the winning chess moves why now are we inviting him to the table again?
His moves just keep gaining ground for him. A very curious game the two play.

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