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November 06, 2014


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THE FAR RIGHT--seems to have taken hold of the Party once again. On election eve it seemed that Republicans may have actually elected enough moderates to use their majority status to begin to make the process move once again by bringing their agenda to the table and negotiating a compromise in their favor. Up until now the President simply held the upper hand with Senate control and forced the Far Right to compromise or get nothing. The Far Right held firm. The result was the President's economy got no big rush. And, Republican's got lucky as Obama's foreign policy fell apart, his anticipation of readiness for Ebola crumbled on the first American case, and the popularity and participation in Obama Care never materialized. The result a 33% turnout in the polls and a stacked deck of seats up for grabs brought another Red sweep. Talk to a Tea Party Member and you would think the Republicans will repeal Obama Care tomorrow. Ask about compromise and movement on issues key to getting the country moving again and the response is "no deal". They believe that Keystone will be here tomorrow. Coal will be restored as a significant fuel. Public lands will be opened for drilling. Southern borders will be sealed. Cruz will be the next President. The people have spoken and the Tea boys have won.

Got a surprise for you. I heard the same thing from the Democrats: the people have spoken. And, we will listen to the proposals and deal with them with our hearts. These guys: Reid, Durbin, Schumer, Pelosi, Hoyer, etc. are not rookies. In the legislative world they are the guys who battled Bush-Chaney for more than 4 years. They installed the nuclear option. They know the rules and the loopholes. The are brilliant, tricky tacticians who will make destroying Tea Party proposals seem their American obligation and in doing so will make the Tea party look worse than Russians and Chinese.

In listening to the President's post election press conference it was clear how it works: The President's view of the election was that it put him in a position to: make sure that single women in America raising children have access to child care. He must defend the right for every child in America to have a college education without ending up with huge debt. His program to raise the minimum wage that won on every ballot must be brought to bear in a Federal Law. And, he will never allow the Obama Care plan to be defunded or dramatically changed. SO, if somehow the Tea Party gets something through to the defensive lines and past the linebackers the Safety is waiting with Veto Pen in hand. Some things don't really change it just looks like they do. Now the smoke and mirrors games are played in a different way. But, they are still played by ALL Pro players.

I understand that Mitch McConnell has already gone from working to "changing" Obama Care to repealing it. It has only been 6 days. So, the fight will go on and like the Titanic the country will struggle. It's too bad because the country has plenty of problems to solve for both party to work on. But, politicians would rather fight. Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Cyber security, Student debt, first time home buyers, college costs, corporate taxes, infrastructure, entitlements, border security, Ukraine, Ebola, ISIS, keystone, over seas Trillions, jobs to name a few problems can wait. Meanwhile, Like Lincoln, the President will act with more regulations disguised as Executive Orders and save us all--from ourselves. Simply because he is and always has been the "I" man having little willingness or competence to lead. Demanding instead that we follow. he should start all speeches with "My Dear Lemmings---"

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