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November 13, 2014


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STRIKE ONE--Democrats had a chance to get credit for an easy one in Keystone and whiffed. The public wants Keystone. It adds 1000 miles of pipeline to the already millions of miles of pipeline in America to basically pass through Canadian oil to the world and reduces the amount of oil traveling out of North Dakota on rails (Buffet's rails)to US refineries. The Democrats rebuffed 14 of their own party. This likely points out the Democrats and President's last 2 year problem: 6 to 10 of these Democrats are likely to join the new 54 Republicans on key issues to kill filibusters and force the President to use the Veto pen over and over again to defend his policies. Especially those the people believe will bring new jobs and tax relief. Stay tuned tomorrow for STRIKE TWO: Immigration by Executive Order. 60% or more of whites are opposed and even Mexicans are split on the policy as the President sees it. Of course for Republicans THREE STRIKES does not mean you are out. But, if the Republicans don't fall for the "let's anger them into shutting down the Government again" trick then Republicans can actually have a chance in 2016 by focusing on the policies that create jobs, reforming the Affordable Care Act and rationally address foreign policy issues such as Cyber Security. 66% of Americans do not like Obama care but 70% of Americans believe that long term healthcare reform will work.
On an aside Senator Mary Landrieu was thrown to the wolves presumed lost when not one Democratic Senator would change their vote to give her support in her runoff election.

Nice read on this set of work horses. These guys "get it" at least Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio do. They take on the obstructionists to their policies and they implement changes necessary to make progress. They don't win them all but they don't spend time moping either. On the other hand is that what the President does? Or is supposed to do? They all look like great Chief of Staffs or perhaps Vice Presidents. But, for me, we need a leader who will go to the people and get some progress on the hill. Get Congress focused on some programs to move the economy. It's not the same as stealing a few companies from New York or California to gain jobs. It's about getting capital out of the banks and into the economy where small businesses can get access to it to grow. It's about corporate tax reform and getting capital back in the US to create growth on this side of the Atlantic and Pacific. It's not about public union busting. It's about entitlement reform. It's about reorganizing the Federal government to address the issues facing the country on energy, infrastructure, healthcare reform and immigration reform and enforcement policy. And, finding common ground to get the funding needed to do it. Then, it is about regaining our ability to lead our allies in an all out assault on our enemies in Terror, the "new" Putin led Cold War, Cyber security and invasion by immigration. It requires a [person who will reform the national education system to get equal time for trade school education with universities and stop funding the incredible rise in tuitions forcing them reform to create programs in IT, maintenance and healthcare services to meet the unfilled needs of today's labor force.
I'm not sure where the Republicans will find such a person but they better find one soon Romney, Jeb Bush, Mario (maybe)--are possibilities but all have flaws. Kasich probably best of the above but somehow I can't see him giving the acceptance speech. It can't be Paul or Ryan or Cruz. So, who? My early guess: Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney.

So, Jonathan Gruber boasts not once, but serially, that he jiggered up Obamacare so that it would fool the Government Accounting Office and the stupid American people. Nancy Pelosi said that Congress had to pass the Act to find out what was in it, and now claims that she has never heard the name "Jonathan Gruber". All directly out of the Progressive playbook authored by Saul Alinsky---Lying, cheating,etc, is permissible to achieve the Progressive's view of what is in the Greater Good.

Would you buy a used car from this crowd? Shame on the Republican Party and Main Stream Media if they categorically swallow the "stories" from this Administration and Pelosi/Reid during the next 2 years.

Al B.

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