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November 20, 2014


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1. The strategy of holding the Federal investigation results back until the Grand Jury finished it's findings in Ferguson seems to lack smart planning. It would seem that the nation would be more willing to accept the Ferguson decision if it were backed up by Holder's findings. Instead the pressure will likely be on the President to reverse the decision in the Federal result. Of course, it could well be that Missouri's laws on criminal behavior are different than Federal civil rights laws.
2. IRAN crosses the "line in the sand" one more time with another 8 month delay in negotiations. One thing I believe is when you cannot come to agreement in a deal and one side continually finds excuses to delay the close, they have a different agenda than you do. Given the sanctions on Iran and their economic pain they should actually want an agreement to end them. However, if their true objective is to simply stall while the weapons are developed then another 8 month delay fits right in their plans. The line in the sand was drawn shortly after the President's swearing in in 2009. So far, the Iranians have pushed us back across that "line in the sand" for nearly 6 years. How long does it take to finish the enrichment process?
3. INFRASTRUCTURE, namely roads and bridges, continue to fail in the US. Much of our infrastructure is more than 60 years old. Our key eastern train bridge as documented Sunday on 60 Minutes is more than 100 years old. It fails several times each month and backs up train shipments up and down the East Coast. A plan EXISTS for it's replacement and is shovel ready. Interest on 30 year Federal bonds and municipal bonds is at record lows. European capital seeking higher returns than they can get in Europe are pouring into America looking to buy bonds. While we are printing money why can't the President and Congress sell a Trillion dollars in Bonds in partnership with states and begin a 320 year plan to rebuild the infrastructure? Take advantage of the times and act.

DAMN THE PEOPLE FULL SPEED AHEAD. During the campaign of 2008 a lot of Americans were worried that President to be Obama was a progressive socialistic Democrat who desired to use the Presidency and progressive strategy to change America into a European model of society. Granted a landslide election and a Congressional super majority he spent 2 years making Joe the Plumber's warning come true: he leveled the playing field, he showed open disdain for small businesses and unleashed the IRS on political opponents and Attorney General on big business forcing them into huge financial settlements. He did nothing to bring tax relief or access to capital to small businesses. He rolled back the Bush tax reductions. He openly blasted high income Americans as greedy. An interesting strategy since 65% of high income Americans are actually Democrats. He unleashed a huge pipeline of regulations against businesses. He refused to enforce Federal immigration laws. And, he forced a system of national healthcare on the people and businesses that was funded by a series of new taxes. His stimulus programs that required Trillions of dollars were focused on social payouts in food stamps, unemployment benefits, welfare and green industry investments. Only 3% of the money went to infrastructure thought to perhaps create jobs. It was clear that he was on the way to transforming America internally. In 2010 the people stopped it with a huge turn around in the balance of power in the House. I will leave the overseas foreign policy to another time.
The people slowed him down from 2011-2014. In 2012 they reelected him but by 2014 the people slowed him again with a turn around in the Senate.
NOW, as a lame duck facing a Republican Congress determined to role him back a few steps the real progressive is on his final charge to level the playing field. He will use Executive order, Senate filibusters, regulation, IRS, SEC, Bank regulators and the attorney General's office to enforce his final changes. Look where we are already:

NEW IMMIGRATION POLICY: Come over or under the border fence, have unprotected sex, wait 9 months, have a baby---you are now legal. Or just come in pregnant. Or ship your kid in ahead, sneak in and pick them up in the foster care system.

IRS/SEC after his most vocal casino owner Steve Wynn.

FEDERAL DRUG LAWS no longer enforced in Colorado.

Stay tuned.

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