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December 25, 2014


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First let me Thank Bill for his tireless research on and posting of his thoughts on the major issues of our time. I've known Bill
since we were room mates at the USAFA in the class of 66. At tat time he was always aware of the issues of our times and a dedicated and intelligent young man. His service to our country including a tour in the Vietnam war gave him a good look at the conflicting values Americans have on major issues facing our political leaders. His experience in the C Suite management of Pabst and Kraft foods gave him insight into the issues facing America's large corporations. And, his involvement in the education and political environment of California allows him to assess the alternative solutions proposed by both our parties. It all makes him highly credible to write these posts.
Second let me wish all of you Happy New Year for 2015. It promises to be an exciting year of news. Politically we will watch the challengers for our next President emerge. We will watch the Russian response to a world challenging their aggression while they try to respond to NATOs seeming (to them at least) expansion of their sphere of influence. We will watch an economy in the USA try to expand and see if we eventually get some quality permanent jobs created. We will watch a Republican Congress try to right the ship and perform their function as they compete with a lame duck President and a determined progressive wing of the Democratic party defending their gains. We will watch the 3rd world mired in a very slow growth economy, a decline in commodity prices and mounting debt to service. We will watch the response to more determined and transparent risks from Cyber security attacks.
Third we will watch the interesting world of Obama wars in which we minimize the use of boots on the ground (that can be seen),utilize the use of drones, cruise missiles, and air strikes to conduct wars in Afghanistan (officially ended today), Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan to fight the Muslim radical factions. Interestingly, The Defense Department spent more money in 2015 than any of the past 5 years. And, we will watch as the US tries to find a way to deal with increasing assaults on its government and corporate assets by Cyber Security teams from China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and others.
Fourth we will watch the opening of Cuba, or not. The attempt of Assad to use the Russia-America split to negotiate survival in Syria using Russia as a lever. Watch as Iran continues to push the line in the sand another year towards their nuclear arms development. And, watch the Chinese try to stifle personal freedoms while they try to reignite their capitalistic form of communism.

I look forward to it all as the world continues it's evolution (from 1986) to the eventual United States of the World.

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