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January 01, 2015


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ANYTHING NEW? Today begins the next chapter in the battle for hope in America. what do I mean by "hope"? Under Obama's landslide victory in 2008 the term "Hope" was that the first African American President would bring together the parties and work to solve America's long term problems of governmental dysfunction. 71% of Americans envisioned an America in which the left leaning and right leaning middleclass would work together to compromise on infrastructure, education, tax reform, immigration, entitlement reform, healthcare improvements, national security to solidify the security of middle class Americans and establish a road to recovery of the American jobs machine. Unfortunately, Obama's version of HOPE was to level the playing field and rather than seeking compromise he decided he had been given a mandate to pass a Trillion dollars of programs to appease the left arm of the Party and give them "HOPE" of a socialistic future. Even if the Far right of the republican party saw that as a "stimulus" program their suspicions were soon confirmed when Obamacare was shoved down their throats using political pork favors to get the votes of the hesitant. That mean't war and the "HOPES" of a large part of the 71% were dashed. Two years later Obama was crushed in the House races. "Hope" was that he would now compromise and pull together the parties and solve some problems. It didn't happen. The Senate refused to even vote on anything sent to them for 2 years. "Hopes " of both sides were dashed and in revenge the President unleashed his version of HOPE in Executive Orders. By now, Americans realized no "HOPE" could come from the situation and awarded the Senate to the Republicans in hopes that the President and Congress would now see they were serious about compromise and getting their "HOPE" addressed from the middle instead of the Left and Right. So, today we start again. On the horizon we see Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton waiting to champion the "HOPE" of Americans if this balanced approach doesn't work. If it is indeed these two next year then at the very least we will not have the danger of an AMATUER winning. And, that gives me HOPE America could survive this debacle.

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