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February 26, 2015


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AL--You nailed it! Today the President assured us he can prove that his solution to Iran is the best. In his 7th year of the Presidency he thinks we might get a deal in Switzerland. How far did they get in the 6 years since the line in the sand was crossed?

So, where is the surprise? Our president comes from a background of radicals, his only job experience is as a Community Organizer, he had the most liberal voting record in the Senate (more liberal than Ted Kennedy), and ran on a platform of "transforming America". He immediately placed Andy Stern (then Pres of SEIU, now at Columbia U.) in charge of Regulatory Affairs on the White House Staff, where Andy proudly stated that his job was to accomplish through Regulations whatever Obama could not achieve through Legislation. Just before the last election, Obama tells the Russians that his hands will no longer be tied after the election. We are there. There will be a non-stop drip of executive and Regulatory action (or inaction in case of the Pipe Line)to implement his cause, and reward his friends, until the last minute of his Presidency.

I have no doubts about the sincerity and consistency of Obama. But, I am astonished that the Republican Party leaders are so feckless that they ping/pong from "crisis" to "crisis", being outplayed on every shot by a far superior political strategist (Obama). If the Republicans do not develop some "savvy" on how to counter the grinding inroads of Obama's agenda,they will not deserve to win the next Presidential. It is bothersome that our great Country is being transformed into parity with Greece in part due to incompetence of Republican Party "leaders".

THIS WAR WILL NOT BE WON--it will be fought. There are wars that cannot and will not be won only fought. The war on drugs. The war on crime. The war against poverty. The leveling of the playing field. The war against Discrimination.--The list is endless. These wars are for the most part a struggle for strategies and resource allocation. For thousands of years the wars of religion have waged. This one is no different. It is just in the forefront of the world public view. GWB told us this war will be long and forever is very long. It is being fought globally. It is being fought in public--beheadings and nightly news. It is being fought invisibly with special force deployments, hidden implants in commercial products, intelligence systems and in cyberspace. The resources that the Western World is allocating to contain this threat is almost immeasurable. If there is anything that over the past 80 years has inhibited the civilized world from addressing poverty and human welfare it is WAR and the costs of limiting the outbreaks of war from escalating to the point of human extinction. Get used to these political arguments: the use of terror attacks will not end. And, the ability to defend against them and still fund societies priorities will be argued just as we trade off the budgets for firefighters versus education. When terror will actually threaten society is when, instead of sheep herders using the tactics, it is nuclear armed countries using the tactics through proxies directly against each other. Then we will test the Theory of Structured Deterrence which we hope guides nuclear powers from confronting each other. It is not a welcome thought when you assess our children's world.

HOW OFTEN can Republicans open the door to sound bites that lose the elections for them? Today Senator Orin Hatch when asked what he thought of the Republican Senate candidates for the Presidency answered by saying that Senators are not electable and recommending looking at the Governors. So much for Mario if he is nominated.

What is worse is Congressional Republicans allowing themselves to be painted as unwilling to fund Homeland Defense by tying it to the President's executive orders on Immigration. How many times do they have to fall into this trap always baited for them by the Far Right who can't seem to understand how to win any election bigger than a state.

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