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February 05, 2015


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Saudi Marketing---interesting today. Saudi's say the demand for their oil is going up as they have devastated the new technology wells in the USA. And, the price of oil went up! Meanwhile one after another the US companies announce they are pulling more and more rigs. Since the Saudi's can take oil down to $20 if they want they have the oil and gas investment community on the run. They can talk the price up and then every time investors begin to make more investments they lower it again. Ironically they have the world in a trap. In the old days they simply conned OPEC into helping them keep oil in the $90 barrel range. Now they use their $10/barrel costs to hammer new production including OPEC partners.

In the meantime investors have no idea if we are at a bottom or a marketing ruse. It's another way to control the markets and investment. The other victims? Global warming advocates, alternative energy producers, and the Soviets and Iran.

And now we get the beginning of the summer gas price mix--up 15 cents. Gas near my house has gone from $1.82 to $2.05 in 4 days.

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