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March 05, 2015


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THE ULTIMATE IN TRANSPARENCY: I feel better now knowing that the White House and State Department will screen the emails that Hillary deems appropriate for information that we all should know about. Makes me wonder why in our consulting offices in the 1970's we had a Top Secret SI cleared vault that we had to enter in order to even talk about our cleared TS-SI work. We should have just taken it home in our brief cases and called each other to discuss it on the weekends. I know Hillary will disclose all the appropriate items. And, should she slip up and miss a couple the White House and Senator Kerry will catch them. Seems we would have gone to prison for such actions. Now it's just a politicians joke.

5.5% unemployment or not? As the country generated nearly 300,000 new jobs more people left the labor force. And, once again the markets zipped down afraid quantitative easing's days are numbered. Leaving Apple now replacing ATT in the DOW to hold it's lofty position as UP despite a big drop in everything else. If this is not the most messed up lackluster economic recovery we have ever witnessed I don't know what it is. Top line growth still struggles. Share buyback programs abound. The oil industry is in shambles choosing every day to store oil in Oklahoma rather than restrict production and sell the excess at the $50 number. Within weeks there will be 71 million barrels in storage. Then what? $20 oil? The same states who boomed the last 5 years will feel it and perhaps hard. The dollar climbs higher as Japan and EU devalue in true Bernanke style. SO, the dollar attacks manufacturing. The Saudi's attack oil. What will drive the economy? Wall Street is betting on the consumer but once again today consumer income was barely even up. Probably driven by minimum wage increases. This is no recovery to hang your hat on. So, Bill, I think act two will be a hard fought election over --yep--the economy and real jobs.

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