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March 12, 2015


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FEDS are getting the message: It's the Economy--- Surprising the analysts once again the FEDS issued guidance that indicated they understand the weakness in the employment rate's fall and more importantly that the economic data is weaker than the hype by the media and White House. Headhunter's know the truth. While it is easy to get employers to look at candidates, it is at the same time difficult to get them to pull the trigger and hire someone at higher levels, at higher wages and on a permanent basis. Furthermore, the jobs are in business development, IT security, and Sales. The President's economy is still very suspect. Very temporary. Wall Street's market rise is based more on share buy backs than economic earnings. The strong dollar is taking it's toll on overseas earnings. The falling oil prices are indicative of a weak international economy and causing a great deal of stress in the 25 states who benefitted from the domestic energy revolution. In the end the US had the advantage that Bernanke took them low first with all the money printing. But, now that advantage is under attack as the rest of the world prints money to counter the US moves. A world currency war is on. The huge growing glut of oil is hurting a lot of what were emerging energy companies who are laying off the people they hired in the last 5 years. Housing is still struggling. Millions of houses are underwater still.

We are stuck in this cycle. A strong dollar will get stronger if the FEDs raise interest rates. But, the 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day need higher interest rates to support their retirement funds. Yesterday I heard that the economic business cycle is 5 years old and straining to move forward. If 5 years of 2% is as good as it gets we are in real trouble. Republicans want to work to pay down the debt. Just see how well we do to bring down the deficit if they raise interest rates even slightly.

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