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March 26, 2015


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IF IT WERE POSSIBLE to have a team approach for Republicans perhaps we would have won in 2012. Unfortunately, Republicans cannot even get agreement on how to vote in the House and Senate on their own bills. The announcement of Cruz is a red flag for me that the far right will be out to destroy any chance that we nominate a Jeb Bush or even Mario. I have already had three calls from Newt's camp. Newt basically destroyed the Republican chances in 2012. Most of us in the Republican Party totally disagree with the Far Left that the President, Senator Reid and Nancy Pelosi represent. However, it is no different than the disagreements we have with the Far Right in our party. Both the Far Left and the Far Right represent the "my way or the Highway" crowd and play the checkmate game to destroy compromise by those in the middle. And, when the campaign comes it will be the Far Right who destroy the best candidates' abilities to win forcing them as far right as they can. The team you name above, Bill, would indeed be effective and credible. Unfortunately they will be forced to the sideline by those who refuse to play on a team. It will take a special person to avoid the attacks within our own party. Best for us would be a withdrawal by Hillary and a Biden run.

SENATOR HARRY REID has announced he will not seek reelection. Senator Reid was my long time friend. I want to thank him for his service to the country. No matter our views on the views he supported or the strategies he employed he worked to serve the people of Nevada, the country he loves and the President's he worked with. Next week I will address some of his life and perhaps why his views differ form ours on priorities.

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