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April 16, 2015


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DON'T GET ME STARTED--thanks for the set up, Bill. Economy is as false as it gets. Perhaps false is a misnomer for changed. You wanted change with Obama and you got it. Leveling the playing field was not what most of us hoped for: raising the opportunity for poor black kids to get out of poverty through education and economic stimulus. It was also not what we were also led to believe the economic stimulus of new higher paying tech jobs led by clean energy. Nope leveling the playing field was spreading the hours and wages of middle class Americans to a larger mass of people for whom a part time or temporary job without benefits was better than nothing. Largely, illegal and newly legalized immigrants who poured over and under the border. Middle Class workers paid the price: lower average wages and lower hours per week. Highly skilled IT workers even suffered as they moved out of the permanent labor force and into the world of 1099 workers seeking new work through staffing firms every 6-9 months. Seniors, who could not live off bond interest at 2% plus social security, came back into the labor force taking minimum wage jobs in Walmart and fast food stores. College graduates racked more and more debt staying in school avoiding the unemployment lines. Even now business majors from top schools are looking for sales jobs because businesses are not hiring management candidates. America's strongest industry, Housing, saw much of their workforce forced to move to the energy booming states to find work. Those stuck in their houses went into the home repair business and struggle today to find enough repair work to pay the bills. Meanwhile immigrants take more and more of their former jobs building the houses that are built. Major US corporations do not replace their retiring baby boomers. Instead they collapse their companies buying back their stock like a snake swallowing its tail in order to keep their EPS up. The college grads who dreamed of those jobs their parents had move into the basement and stay on their parents insurance until 26. Houses have been replaced by apartments. Only 42% of the SP 500 have top line revenues higher in 2015 than they had in 2009. The playing filed has been leveled and it similar to slow downhill slide into the ocean.
Small businesses still cannot get a loan. Small businesses don't make campaign contributions. Small businesses employ 72% of American's. They don't buy back their stock to get profits per share up. They don't open stores in China. They don't move their manufacturing or service operations to India. And, they get no respect on Capital Hill. Just regulated and taxed. With all this printed money we could have rebuilt the infrastructure. We could have rebuilt schools. We could have encouraged banks to make small business loans.
Republicans can make a case. The America we dreamed of for our grand children was not a room in the basement, 5 years of health insurance and $50,000 of student loans. It was an America that believed in capitalism that begins with small business. Individuals seeking the dream to build a future without interference from the government. It was opportunity not hand outs. There is a different view of America and it is based on "The Economy, Stupid."

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