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April 09, 2015


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Hillary will:
--Be seen by Democrats as a surrogate for Bill and that will be difficult to overcome.
--Attempt to deflect any criticism of the "mess in the Middle East" by blaming it all on the Bush policies.
--Play, as she did yesterday, to the 47% comment by Mitt in the last run by continuing the level the playing field give a way strategy of the President.
--Play against the Republicans constant opposition to minimum wage increases, failure to support women's rights to equal compensation and failure to support higher taxes on America's mega rich to play over and over again that Republican's only care about "Rich, White, Men". And, it will definitely play with the media.
--Support the Cuba initiative which has the potential to bring Florida voters into play if her opponent turns out to be either Jeb or Mario.

To Beat Her will be tough. It will require:
--a laser like focus on her personal weaknesses: Leadership failure at Benghazi. Defeated by rookie, Obama. Integrity issues with Whitewater, Bill's infidelity, White House staff management and White House email destruction. Keeping the pressure on her and pushing her personality buttons will demonstrate it under pressure.
--a focus on the real economy versus the White House spin on the economy and her lack of experience in economic issues.
--pinning her Secretary of State tenure experience as a major contribution to the deterioration of the Middle East, Africa and Ukraine situations. Her inability to deal with Iran and the line in the sand extensions of the Iranian nuclear programs.
--paint her as a rich, wall street funded liberal who has done nothing of note in her career masking as a friend of the middle class.
--force out her intended program to fix Obamacare and immigration reform.
--focus on her total lack of experience in Defense and her support of Obama's "make friends of our enemies" failed policies.

As former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley said this morning the weakest opponent's for Hillary are Cruz, Paul and Mario. Bush and Kasich are the toughest for her to beat. Republican's must be very savvy to win this one.

Hillary's simple case is that Republicans hate and have declared war on women. She has no other case to make. Elect the first woman President and restore the "Clinton Good Times"? Carly, as a "rejected" Republican candidate, simply "proves" the point that Republicans hate women.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Nancy Pelosi will shed tears, on mike, with the story. MSNBC and CNN will swoon. Main Stream Media will dutifully report the charges as fact. Hillary has no Plan B case for her candidacy. Hillary's most convincing point (for me) is that she has no moral constraints whatsoever in pursuing what she wants. She is not nuanced. At least one can rest peacefully in that Hillary has no overriding philosophical goal to "remake" the USA, as is the case with our current President Obama. Hopefully Hillary would want what is best for the Country, not only what is best for the Clintons, if President. Or, better yet, the goals will coincide.

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