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July 23, 2015


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DONALD TRUMP may have awakened politicians that you can make some gains addressing reality. Robert Ringer in his top selling book "Winning Through Intimidation" noted that in selling and in life 'reality is the way things are, not the way we want things to be. You either acknowledge reality or it will work against you.' For all his arrogance and unrelated responses to issue questions Donald garners attention through raising attention to problems that Americans want solved and feel are never addressed by politicians once they are elected. His reward for his "in your face" and "I will do this" style is a 25% solid base who simply don't like most politicians and certainly don't like the press. The question for the rest of us is will this base grow as the other candidates drop out or will it end up to be 25% for Donald and 75% for the more normal candidates?

IRAN: So the deal is either as good as we can get or not. Is the deal good enough to delay the bomb for 15 years? Iran, like most Muslim terrorists has a long term outlook and infinite patience. SO, is their strategy likely to cheat or simply wait it out amassing billions of dollars for their support of terrorist operations? I look at it this way: Iran knows Israel with the support of the US Congress will attack them if necessary. Israel has the bomb so their strategy has to have that in mind. With US inspectors in there at least the US and Israel will have targeting information on locations, likely cheating sites and hardness calculations for the precision hard site bombs that will be used in an attack if they do cheat. So the deal if it leaves no stone unturned is likely to be worth a try. If Iranians do not comply to the absolute terms then declare it breached and return to even more severe sanctions.

CHINA: What did the world expect? Did Bernanke and the other Fed Chiefs of the world really think that China was going to simply watch us devalue our currencies and slow their export based economy forever? This was simply a warning shot. 2% devaluation is nothing. Last night they did it again. When President Obama took office the US had 800 Billion dollars in circulation. 7 years later we have $5 Trillion in circulation. How does that compare to a 2% devaluation? 84% maybe? This move will make US goods as well as EU, Japanese and third world goods more expensive when exported and Chinese goods cheaper. The biggest danger of this continual game of devaluation is a world wide financial war. By the way 56% of our $5 Trillion dollars is held overseas. Not only that but China holds $1 Trillion of US government bonds.

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