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September 24, 2015


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TODAY's Developments are rapidly moving the wrong direction. PUTIN strikes ISIS or ??? We are seeing the classic problem of boots on the ground ahead of super power response. The US has a lot to say about Putin’s actions and intentions. We even get close to threats. But, our action is very risky now if we mix our planes with theirs in the skies over the middle east. Russia has the boots on the ground and is exploiting it. Likely Putin is striking the anti Assad troops. Perhaps the very troops we are training. The effort he criticized on 60 Minutes. Kerry was a weak Dove in Vietnam. He was a weak player in Syria with Assad the first time around. And, now the President gets lip service from Putin at the UN. Putin’s moves are making it even more difficult for Israel to launch against Iran if they deem it necessary for their survival. This vacuum left by US forces is now a dangerous war zone with unintended consequences growing more serious every day. It vividly demonstrates the dangers of using sanctions to project power. Sanctions can simply increase the resolve of a determined enemy and in some ways force them to war. Desperation makes for dangerous outcomes. How big a price did we pay extracting Hitler and Japan from their unopposed advances? Extracting Putin, Iran and ISIS from their gains will be a great challenge for the next President.

POLICIES ARE CATCHING UP--with the President. Last week Putin moved to shore up Syria. This week he partnered with Iraq. Iran, also his sidekick, join Assad and Iraq with Russia to fight ISIS. A new cold war emerging? Putin goes on 60 Minutes to tell Americans that the fall of the USSR was a catastrophe for Russia trapping millions of Russians outside their homeland. His justification for annexing Crimea and invading Georgia and Ukraine? Meanwhile Putin ignored the President's warning on Syria which today I suppose could be expanded to Iraq. Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria contain huge oil reserves and now threaten Saudi and Kuwait. Israel cannot be comfortable with their new neighborhood allies. US failure to retain "boots on the ground" offers a vacuum that has been filled. The Taliban took a major Afghanistan city. Another vacuum being created as US pulls out. And, today the President met with Raul Castro who complained about the past injustices of the US on his Cuba at the UN meeting this week. Meanwhile Russia continues its meddling in Ukraine. When the President backed down on Assad he opened the door for the world's bad guys to test him and now we are seeing it. Cyber attacks go unanswered. When the President openly acknowledged he had no strategy for ISIS and caved in to Iran on nukes over the protest of Israel he seemed to be waving the red flag to the Muslim terrorists and opened the door for Putin. Sorry but this is not the world a Super Power leader should leave to it's kids. We are the world's policeman and withdrawing to our borders is like the local police withdrawing to the police station pretending there are no bad guys in town.

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