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October 01, 2015


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NICE explanation and clarification of the Syrian situation, Bill. Even today, it seems the President has turned to gun control and Kerry seems to have lost his voice. We can only hope that Putin has forgotten the lessons of Afghanistan and that he will become mired in a war against an army determined to behead his troops as ours disappear. If we had a savvy leadership we could perhaps turn this into Putin's worst nightmare as we use the proxy anti Assad fighter's to fight Assad and the Russians. I'm sure that Israel, Saudi, Jordan, Turkey and NATO will all help us supply the proxy forces, supply intelligence, and occasionally deploy drones, special forces and air power to degrade ISIS strongholds. We also have some very capable sneaky friends in the region who could make Assad disappear. It would be a shame if Putin lost his friend. In the mean time we had better keep a close eye on and plan for the defense of Pakistan if ISIS head's there. It is not too late to solidify our presence in Afghanistan especially given the Russian moves in the region and the hand played early by the Taliban last week. Afghanistan is a good place to store "boots on the ground" if nuclear Pakistan is threatened. We are still conducting operations in Iraq and we do have a few "boots on the ground" there. Perhaps another few thousand to advise and defeat ISIS there would be a good idea before the Russian forces arrive in Syria. We can also turn US planes toward Yemen and help the Saudi's finish that fight. If Russia wants to fight in Syria fine but keep them bottled up in Syria and put US forces active all around them. Will this Administration do it--doubtful.

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