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October 15, 2015


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TRUMP--a loose cannon again. Today he tweeted an insult to Iowa voters when he heard that Carson was overtaking him in the polls.

CLINTON--From the parts I heard today Hillary simply made the Republicans look incompetent as they attacked her with little evidence of their assertions. Her performance made me realize how easily she will make Trump look like an amateur in the debates should he be the nominee. Perhaps anyone else in the lineup as well.

If Republicans continue to support Trump and ramble on in their assertions against Hillary then they may actually lose control of the Senate. In the meantime it looks to me as if we may as well ask Bill Clinton to take a physical so we have a better idea of how he will perform during the 8 years of his wife's proxy role as President for his 3rd and 4th terms.

NOTHING TO LOSE--The most dangerous and often effective people in a situation are the ones with nothing to lose. Donald Trump appears to be one of those people. Likely when he embarked on this campaign he had no confidence he would be anything but an irritant in this Presidential race. Self funding his campaign and beginning it all with off the cuff shocking and often insulting propositions it appeared likely that his objective was to self promote his brand. The results on that front have been spectacular. The side bar is that for 4 months or so he has become a wild card candidate who uses the position to further market his brand. He says what no normal candidate would ever say. He doesn't even pretend to be a serious, loyal Republican. He makes bold promises of a world he could never deliver. He has no follow up or substance to his promises. Since winning the Presidency is likely still not a primary goal of his candidacy he has nothing to lose and everything to gain when his candidacy finally folds. It remains to be seen if the issues he pounds away at finally get some attention in the race to make this sideshow worth the effort. Or, if the sideshow runs so long into the political season that it spoils the chances of the solid Republican candidates from ever getting the stage long enough to get some serious ideas out there. President Obama has been the "I" man. Donald Trump is the "look at me" man. And, he will likely surpass Oprah by the end of this marketing move. But, at what price to a nation that desperately needs a leader who can unite the people.

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