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November 12, 2015


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SO unemployment is way down. The job market is “ON FIRE”. This most recent jobs number was outstanding at 271,000. Here is an interesting piece of information:

This number composed of the following:

Jobs added for people over age 55 300,000
Jobs added for people age 24-55 -35,000

You think those were “good Jobs” or greeters at Walmart supplementing their social security checks?

The middle class of America, the young and the heads of our families with kids are losing ground.

Student debt continues to sky rocket and the default rate continues to rise.

The transition continues of our people to part time and 1099 jobs. Wage growth and career growth shrink. Out of desperation our seniors take the low paying jobs. Kids live in the basement.

How long until the elections? By the way HOW did we let Paul Ryan get out of the group. His speech today was the best I have heard this season.

WHO ISN'T ANGRY? The more the Republicans push on Obama's weakness as a CIC the more he pushes back trying to look like he is tough. Republican's are angry at him and Liberals are angry at him as he gets more hawkish sounding. Wait a couple more months when the French have pushed him to join their boots on the ground in Syria.

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